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Mind Equals Blown

Tyler Carter, Hance Alligood comment on new Woe, Is Me song, “Vengeance”

When Woe, Is Me announced Hance Alligood as their new vocalist, the band released snippets of their then-upcoming track “Vengeance.” Former singer Tyler Carter responded shortly after, noting that some of the melodies and lyrics in the new song were his own.

With the full song now available, some questions have arisen as to who wrote what. Both Alligood and Carter reached out to Mind Equals Blown to offer explanations.

From Hance:

“Tyler wrote one line in this entire song – and that is the first line of the chorus. He had absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the writing of any lyrics or melodies.”

When questioned about Alligood’s remark, Carter had the following to say:

“It really doesn’t matter to me honestly, I wrote parts when I was in Woe, Is Me so it was written for them. Therefore I contributed and it was used, no harm. Although I started writing it to ensue the fact that we were making an impact on following dreams and being real the way other bands weren’t and seeing how they turned the song completely around to punch at me was a little disappointing. Full of angst and anger, and that’s only a negativity impact if you ask me. Not the type of impact I wished to give people as a musician. Not the kind of difference I wished to make in the world… very sad. I will say I wrote ‘In one day I’ll probably make more of an impact than you’ll ever fake’ with melodies. But don’t sweat it.”

It’s a bit tragic to see everything go down this way. Woe, Is Me owes a great gratitude to Carter for his services, and Carter’s career was springboarded by the huge audience Woe exposed him to; neither party would be as musically relevant today without the other. No matter the attitudes, big things are expected from both Woe and Tyler’s new material.

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