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The Dear Hunter Migrant

Rock | Equal Vision Records

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The Dear Hunter is, fortunately, a song writing machine. Less than two years ago, they released 36 songs, amounting to 144 minutes of varied, but fantastic music. Well, they’re back already, with a new full length entitled Migrant, slated for release on April 2nd. And if it sounds anything like “Whisper,” the album’s first single, we should prepare ourselves for the best addition to their discography. Simply put, “Whisper” is phenomenal.

More than that, the song is uplifting and carries an inspiring aura. Don’t believe its Ms. Leading title (see what I did there?). Between the rolling percussion and the beautiful orchestration, the song takes off flying, catching more air through mastermind Casey Crescenzo’s soaring vocals. Honestly, it’s one of his best performances: briskly switching between soft and lucious falsetto to a crisp, gritty yell as he takes full advantage of his incredible range. But of course, much can be said of all performances. Everything sounds perfect. Production has never been fuller and tighter and still manages to carry every single trait of the instrument: you can hear the pressure each bow places on a string, the progressive intensity of each snare hit, the punch of each kick, the full strum of the guitars, and the minutest detail of each vocal melody. The track begs to be heard over and over and over again, with each listen stretching the inevitable smile wider, and soon, from ear to ear.

“Whisper” is phenomenal. I have to say it again. As one of my favorite artists, The Dear Hunter have unquestionably outdone themselves. Time will tell whether or not the rest of Migrant will follow so brilliantly, though I have no doubt in my mind that it will. For now, I’m more than happy to have “Whisper.” I’m overjoyed.

You can listen to “Whisper” for yourself over at The Dear Hunter’s official website.

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