Ronnie Radke Supposedly Walks Out On Falling In Reverse

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The Scoop: According to a post from Pup Fresh, Falling In Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke has walked out on the band due to them not selling out all the dates on their upcoming tour. You can check out all the information PF’s source below.

I’ve been texting one of the members all night, and this is what I’ve gathered:

Ronnie got pissed that the shows on Falling In Reverse’s upcoming tour didn’t sell out and walked out on the band. It was never about Crissy and him having a kid. Ronnie will continue to do Warped Tour this year but with a whole new band.

For what it’s worth, all the money from the new album will go to Ronnie and only Ronnie. He also took all the merch sales from past tours too and kept the profits.

The former members are also concerned that Jacky Vincent may be deported because he is in the United States on a work visa, and with being fired from FIR, he’s out of a job.

Update (05/20/2013): Crissy Henderson, Ronnie Radke’s wife, has taken to Twitter to deny the rumors of Ronnie Radke leaving Falling In Reverse due to the low ticket sales of the band’s Spring tour, and that he did in fact cancel due to the upcoming birth of their first child.

We are still waiting for an official statement from the band. Until then, you can check out Henderson’s tweets defending her husband below.


The Spin: Just so this is completely clear, everything in this story is entirely speculation at this point. So far there has been no confirmation from anyone involved in the FIR camp. Please keep tuned into MEB as we continue to follow the story as it evolves.


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