Mind Equals Blown

Mind Equals Blown

3 Of The Week: (12/18/12)

It appears that sometime later this week, we will find out whether or not the supposed theories that have been swirling around for some years now about the significance of 12/21/2012 are true to any degree. Regardless of what happens, we are very much near the end of the year and with that in mind, this week’s 3 Of The Week looks at album closers from three rather influential acts – one near the beginning of their career, one in the midst of truly making a musical impact and another in a true finale of sorts. While there are certainly many, many good finishing tracks to hear on an album, these are three that stick out to me for different reasons – but all say something quite different about the music each artist has produced.

1. “Giant Swan” – The Blood Brothers

It’s always been a case of ‘I wish I could have seen them again’ with this band. Sure, I saw them once when they toured with Coheed And Cambria some years ago, but if I would have known they would have such little time left in them after that, I probably wouldn’t have fallen so hard for this band. This swan song – arguably aptly named considering it would be the last song on their last record – is a slow burner that creeps with oozing poetry and haunting bass lines before bursting a bit into the band’s older, more frantic sonic scrapping. It’s like a ghostly cabaret at times, but it’s perhaps one of the more moving songs they ever penned.

2. “Happiness By The Kilowatt” – Alexisonfire

This is probably among the top five songs for this band as far as I am concerned, but regardless of where it falls in their discography, Watch Out! ended up as an interesting turning point for these guys. Sure, they got a little less adventurous in the musicianship department compared to the self-titled, but their songwriting took some massive strides on this record. “Happiness” does quite a bit in its finale act of roughly five minutes, taking us from the aggressive weaving to somber restraint that this band does with such ease. It’s an emotional closer for sure that caps off one hell of an album.

“The Patron Saint Of Liars And Fakes” – Fall Out Boy

In what could be argued as one of the more memorable breakout albums of the early 2000s, Take This To Your Grave propelled this band into further notoriety as they penned hits and a few misses along the way to a disbanding of sorts a few years back. But in the sugary pop-punk lined with often vicious lyricism, this track ended an album that spoke volumes to hordes of kids who were seemingly looking for something to relate to – and this album was fairly open to anyone with a broken heart that needed a little healing. We can argue all day about which album is the best – it’s this one as far as I’m concerned – but there’s no denying the impact TTTYG made on the scene even as we know it today.

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