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Mind Equals Blown

Staff Picks: September 2015


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  • Moxy And The Influence Announce Upcoming Show With Missing Persons

    Moxy And The Influence - Promo

    The Scoop: California-based glam rockers Moxy and the Influence have announced a new show on Saturday, August 22 at Fuzion in Huntington Beach alongside hard rockers Missing Persons. Also performing will be Carbonine, Scarlet Vice, Tyranis, and Max Mueller. The Spin: The show is open to all ages and will have free parking available. Check out the music video for…

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  • Drew’s Top In 2014

    10. Into Infernus – The End Of Eden 9. Sunwalker – Full Circle 8. Thantifaxath – Sacred White Noise 7. Archspire – The Lucid Collective 6. Insomnium – Shadows Of The Dying Sun 5. Behemoth – The Satanist Staff Writer Jeremy Vane-Tempest summed it up best in his review: “It’s confrontational, blasphemous, heretical, all of…

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  • The Contortionist: Language

    Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 11.23.08 AM

    “Primal Directive” the crushing intro to 2010’s Exoplanet, flushed with growls and clean vocals atop heavy guitar work, “Holomovement” the prog inspired intro to 2012’s Intrinsic, still shows signs of ferociousness, but blended with a more progressive attitude. “The Source”, intro to 2014’s Language, is nothing more than a piano, lush guitar and some atmospheric crooning.…

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  • Dream Riders: The Tour Desires of Your Favorite Artists from Under The Gun

    Every Time I Die

    Our good friends at Under The Gun Review recently posted a very interesting piece titled “Dream Riders: The Tour Desires of Your Favorite Artist”. Ever wanted to know what your favorite bands would like to receive while on tour? Well, UTG has taken the legwork out of it. “We recently got in touch with a…

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  • Doxa announcement, release new song “Manic Pixie”.


    The Scoop:  Our long time friend and noodle bro Mat Colwell has teamed up with drummer Matt Novak for a new band called Doxa. With the annocement comes their first single “Manic Pixie”. Their debut 7″, titled Vortex, will drop sometime this fall. The Spin: We’ve followed Colwell through a few different bands over the…

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  • Happy Body Slow Brain release new live track “Emperor”

    Happy Body Slow Brain - Promo

    The Scoop:  Our good friends in Happy Body Slow Brain have released a new live track from their upcoming LIVE EP. Jump over to Under The Gun for the original post and make sure to catch Happy Body Slow Brain on tour with Gavin Castleton this May. The Spin:  The LIVE EP is due for release later this month.…

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  • Some cool re-imagined Blink-182 album artwork


    Our good friend (and MEB graphic designer!)  has some cool new stuff that we think is worth showing off. This is the first installment of a design series being released by DLSL Design Co., a side project of Paper + Plastick’s Creative Director, Matt Delisle. The series is called “Covers” and will feature re-imagined/alternate artwork,…

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  • Drew’s Top In 2013

    10. A Day To Remember – Common Courtesy 9. Into Infernus – VII 8. Celeste – Animale(s) 7. Ovid’s Withering – Scryers Of The Ibis 6. Nightkin – Nox Æterna 5. The Hell – You’re Listening To The Hell This album came out of nowhere and absolutely blew my mind. This album doesn’t take itself,…

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