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  • Interview: Joey Sturgis

    Joey Sturgis - Interview

    Mind Equals Blown editor Jason Gardner recently had the chance to pose some questions to famed producer Joey Sturgis. They discussed Sturgis’ new vocal compressor plug-in Gain Reduction, how he first got involved with Rise Records, the possibility of moving into pop music, and more. First off, can you give us a little background history on your…

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  • Daisyhead/Have Mercy: Split


    Remember when No Sleep and Topshelf did that whole ‘versus’ thing where they had bands from opposite rosters make fun of their own label? Pretty hilarious stuff. In any case, the ever-existing bond between these two labels continues with the release of a new split between newish No Sleep band Daisyhead and buzzworthy Topshelf outfit…

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  • Jason’s Top In 2013

    10. A Day To Remember – Common Courtesy 9. Run The Jewels – Run The Jewels 8. State Faults – Resonate/Desperate 7. Captain We’re Sinking – The Future Is Cancelled 6. Pusha T – My Name Is My Name 5. Touché Amoré – …Is Survived By There’s something very powerful and real about the honesty…

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  • Songwriter Collective Site DOWNWRITE Gives Musicians a Chance to do Something New


    The Scoop: DOWNWRITE, a semi-new site headed up by Bob Nanna (Hey Mercedes!, Braid) and Mark Rose (Spitalfield), has bolstered its roster of songwriters, musicians and instrumentalists alike in the quest to not only bring something new to the table for themselves, but for others as well. Officially launched in February of 2013, Nanna and…

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  • State Faults: Resonate/Desperate

    State Faults - Promo

    Usually the debut of a band is not make or break – but the follow-up effort can say whether or not the band is in it for the long haul. California post-hardcore outfit State Faults, or the artist formerly known as Brother Bear, put out a damn fine record in Desolate Peaks in 2012. However,…

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  • Weekend Nachos: Still


    Some records make themselves on embodying an emotion rather than being technically good or perhaps instantly memorable – Weekend Nachos‘ newest effort Still is one of those records. While their knack for insanely punishing hardcore – often gritty enough to be considered closer to power-violence if we can get narrower on terms for a record…

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  • My Fictions/The Saddest Landscape: When You Are Close, I Am Gone

    MF-TSL - Promo

    Representing two faces on the Topshelf Records roster of post-hardcore, The Saddest Landscape and My Fictions have brought us a three-course meal of tracks on their new split When You Are Close, I Am Gone. If you’re not already familiar with either band, I’d dare say both bands’ contributions here make for a good place…

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  • Protest The Hero: Volition

    PTH - Promo

    It’s been a long time coming for Protest the Hero. I mean, in reality we’re not looking at a band that hasn’t released anything in a substantial amount of years, but following a departure from Vagrant Records and a more-than-successful Indiegogo campaign to support a new LP – you have to hand it to them.…

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