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  • Into Infernus: VII

    Into Infernus - Promo

    I’ll open this review plainly: VII is completely nuts. As a stranger to black metal for the most part, I wasn’t sure what to expect going forward, worried as to whether or not I would find a fury of redundancy and monotony that I’ve found through my dabbles in the genre. Instead, I found a…

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  • Interview: Tilian Pearson

    Tilian Pearson - Interview

    MEB staffer Steve Alcala recently had the chance to chat with the man of many projects and current Dance Gavin Dance vocalist, Tilian Pearson. They discuss the recording of the band’s upcoming album Acceptance Speech, Pearson’s solo journey that gave us Material Me, what exactly happened with Saosin, and much more. Was there a deciding moment in your…

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  • The Scene of Celebrity Worship and Why It Should End

    The Scene Of Celebrity Worship And Why It Should End

    The heroes we have made for ourselves are not there. Our idol is a mental one, contrived by a conceived personal connection that is non-existent and formed by an image exuded in the presence of others. We are all on some level guilty of being a fanatic, some at healthy passive levels and others on…

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  • HeartSupport (Jake Luhrs, Non-Profit) Announce Fundraiser for Warped Tour

    We’re quickly coming up onto one of the biggest music festivals of the year, Vans Warped Tour 2013. Bands, fans, charities and organizations come together through the power of music to bring awesome and memorable entertainment. This year though, one new organization in particular may catch the attention of many, especially fans of August Burns…

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  • Night Verses: Lift Your Existence

    Night Verses Promo

    Night Verses is an entity draped in mystery. Hardly a year ago, they delivered one of the best new pieces of music of 2012 as collective artists who simply came out of nowhere, as indicated by their EP name, Out of the Sky. Abrasive, engaging and brief, it sparked a hunger for authentic post-hardcore that…

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  • Exclusive Music Video: The Runaround – “Annie Can’t Wear Heels To Prom”

    The Runaround Promo

    We at Mind Equals Blown are delighted to exclusively bring you the music video for The Runaround’s new single “Annie Can’t Wear Heels To Prom.” The track is taken from the band’s upcoming debut full length Without All The Weight, available May 28. The album was produced, mixed and mastered by Gary Cioffi Jr. (Transit/Misser/Sleep…

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  • Tilian: Material Me

    Tilian - Promo

    It’s been nearly three years since we’ve – officially – heard Tilian Pearson’s voice on a track he can call his own. Since his departure from Tides of Man, many have followed closely, curious and excited for what was in store for such a unique and compelling voice. But in the end, his latest release…

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  • Stolas: Living Creatures

    Stolas - Promo

    “We start with an idea and run with it everywhere.” I can’t quite describe Stolas. I can’t peg them to one sound. I can’t bring myself to definitely label them as anything. No, Living Creatures is far too varied for that. It’s left me far too impressed, especially for such a young band that no…

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