Mind Equals Blown

Mind Equals Blown




  • Being As An Ocean: How We Both Wondrously Perish

    Being As An Ocean - Promo

    Whether or not we’ve found it within ourselves yet, we all have an expressive outlet. Despite my large collection of music, my medium is spoken word poetry. I’ve been doing it for years, but it’s always discouraging to me when the artistry gets noticed before the art itself. Sure, the performance aspect is cool; for…

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  • Whitechapel: Our Endless War

    Whitechapel - 2014

    Just a few years ago, I went to go see Whitechapel live for the first time. I wasn’t the biggest fan of their music at the time, but most of my friends were really into them and they were headlining an Alternative Press-sponsored tour, so I knew they were a big deal. And after seeing…

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  • The 10 Best Walk-Up Songs For MLB Players

    MLB Music

    Baseball may not be my favorite sport, but it’s been with me the longest. For that, I owe it so much. To get pumped up for this season, I played some MVP Baseball 2005 on the GameCube with my brother, and it brought back tons of memories. One of the greatest memories was the connection…

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  • Music And Sports (And Learning That Music Doesn’t Always Win)

    Music and Sports

    “With music, you can’t lose.” For years, I used this statement to argue that music is better than sports. My dad, who works as the sports information director for a Division II college, never looked too far into the lie that I continually prodded him with over the past few years. From my perspective, the…

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  • Taking Back Sunday: Happiness Is

    Taking Back Sunday - 2014

    I feel a little bit sorry for Taking Back Sunday. Sure, I enjoy all of their records, love seeing the band live, and – just like they probably are – am overwhelmed by their fans’ uncompromising support, and all of that’s great on both sides. But ever since Tell All Your Friends came out in…

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  • Interview: Dead Letter Circus

    Dead Letter Circus - Interview

    MEB staffer Tim Dodderidge spoke with Clint Vincent of Dead Letter Circus during the band’s U.S. tour run with Periphery, Born Of Osiris, and Twelve Foot Ninja. The guitarist of the prog rockers from down under talks about the group’s latest album, their progression as a band over the years, and the way they’ve learned…

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  • We Are The In Crowd: Weird Kids

    We Are The In Crowd - Promo

    Maybe I’m just biased towards bands that sound like Paramore, but there’s just something I love about We Are the In Crowd. Whether it’s their more-pop-than-punk sound, their frontwoman’s spirited vocals, or their fun-at-heart personality, I’ve been hooked since Guarantee to Disagree came out nearly four years ago. Still, critically speaking, the quintet has always…

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  • For Today: Fight The Silence

    For Today - Promo

    For Today’s career hasn’t existed without controversy. They’re a band that lives and breathes their faith, and for that, they receive a fair amount of criticism. But the drama that has occurred over a few of the members voicing their opinions on homosexuality is beginning to rule people’s opinions of the band. And sadly, all…

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