Mind Equals Blown

Mind Equals Blown


  • Gideon: Calloused

    Gideon - Promo

    There’s a median of change in the music world that often divides musicians and fans. An artist’s level of progression can alienate old-school listeners or aim directly at a specific audience. Linkin Park is a good example, moving more and more into an electro-infused rock sound over the past decade, with hardcore Hybrid Theory fans always screaming…

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  • With Futures, The World Is Predictably Unpredictable

    Jimmy Eat World - Futures Album Art

    Jimmy Eat World’s Futures has led me through several years of unpredictable outcomes. I first heard the album as a senior in high school, in the midst of an “emo” phase that ended up becoming a solidified part of me. Somebody was raving about the record on AbsolutePunk, and I had enough curiosity to check…

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  • Sleeping Giant: Finished People

    Sleeping Giant - Promo

    Before I got into heavy music, I had no idea something like “hardcore worship” existed. But with their guitar chugs, searing vocal attack, and God-praising lyrics, Sleeping Giant ended up being a match made in heaven for an angsty Christian teen like myself. Like their contemporaries on spiritual radio stations, however, there’s always the big…

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  • The Story of Everything: Silent Planet

    Story of Everything Silent Planet

    Tim Dodderidge grew up around church and has recently revitalized his Christian faith. As he continues to grow older, he’s seeing things every day that he hasn’t seen before. Some of these things upset him; others surprise him. No matter if it’s human trafficking, broken relationships, differing views on politics and religion, or regards to…

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  • Single Review: Finch’s “Two Guns To The Temple”

    Finch - Promo

    Finch’s career has been an interesting one to track. What began as a Drive Thru Records typicality of pop-punk-meets-post-hardcore in the early 2000s turned more exquisite with 2005’s Say Hello to Sunshine, followed by a slowing down period that made most people think they were done for good. But the flame was reignited after some…

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  • The Chronicled Connection: Growing Up In America

    Growing Up In America

    A discourse on the writing and themes of Philadelphia pop-punk in Suburbia I’ve Given You All And Now I’m Nothing and Compton hip-hop in Good Kid, M.A.A.D City. Stories are the oldest form of entertainment. Over the centuries, the captivation has developed into new artistic mediums, but the root is still there: testimonies of life,…

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  • Being As An Ocean: How We Both Wondrously Perish

    Being As An Ocean - Promo

    Whether or not we’ve found it within ourselves yet, we all have an expressive outlet. Despite my large collection of music, my medium is spoken word poetry. I’ve been doing it for years, but it’s always discouraging to me when the artistry gets noticed before the art itself. Sure, the performance aspect is cool; for…

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  • Whitechapel: Our Endless War

    Whitechapel - 2014

    Just a few years ago, I went to go see Whitechapel live for the first time. I wasn’t the biggest fan of their music at the time, but most of my friends were really into them and they were headlining an Alternative Press-sponsored tour, so I knew they were a big deal. And after seeing…

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