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  • 10 Musicians Who Would Make Great Presidents

    Musician Presidents

    The race for the next President of the United States is on, and we’ll find out before the end of 2016 who will next be in office. Since it’s always hard to find a presidential candidate that truly supports the people and not just money and party ties, I figured it would be fun to…

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  • Tim’s Top In 2015

    10. Red – Of Beauty & Rage 9. The Ongoing Concept – Handmade 8. Counterparts – Tragedy Will Find Us 7. Sufjan Stevens – Carrie & Lowell 6. Being As An Ocean – Being As An Ocean 5. Foxing – Dealer No other record resonated with me better than Foxing’s Dealer, an album that became…

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  • New Bermuda And Deafheaven’s Continually Breathtaking Artistry

    Deafheaven - Promo

    I wasn’t one for jumping on the so-called Deafheaven “bandwagon” when it first began taking off in 2013. I took my time and had my hesitations, and for good reason. Any band with the “black metal” label is going to deter me. It isn’t that I’m not a fan of what’s often associated with the genre: white…

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  • Better Off: Milk

    Better Off - Promo

    I love PB&J just as much as the next guy, but I also tend to be a man of complements. Just as peanut butter and jelly come together to form the universe’s most delicious sandwich concoction, there are some foods that just don’t taste as good on their own. Thankfully, Better Off brings the spotlight…

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  • Interview: Northlane

    Northlane - Promo

    Vocalist Marcus Bridge may have just joined metal band Northlane last year, but in that time, he’s experienced a lot. If tearing through tours all over the world isn’t enough, he just saw the group’s newest and most diverse work, Node, hit number one in the members’ home country of Australia. Staffer Tim Dodderidge speaks to him about the…

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  • Interview: The Classic Crime

    The Classic Crime - Promo

    The Classic Crime has the DIY spirit in them, and that’s led them to self produce their two most recent albums, in addition to budgeting smaller tours to keep them in the game at an older age. For the first time in years, they took the Midwest by storm. Before the band played to a…

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  • We Came As Romans: We Came As Romans

    We Came As Romans - 2015

    Every year, it feels like I’m getting older faster. I recently read an article about why that’s the case, and it says one way to slow down time is to break routine by trying new and unique things. This year’s Warped Tour put my life into perspective as a 21-year-old metal fan, telling stories to my friend’s…

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  • August Burns Red: Found In Far Away Places

    August Burns Red - Promo 2015

    “The metalcore genre should always be tested and flourishing — and if it’s not — that’s the musicians’ fault and they need to do a better job,” August Burns Red guitarist J.B. Brubaker recently said about growth in their genre of music. On the band’s newest effort, Found In Far Away Places, it means moving away…

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