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  • Streetlight Manifesto: The Hands That Thieve

    Streetlight Manifesto - Promo

    Ten years, a decade – this seems like a logical span of time, one long enough for ups and downs, shifts in the modern musical topography, and countless clashes with a stubborn record label. And with a decade of existence falling on Tomas Kalnoky and his compatriots in Streetlight Manifesto, the band has finally released…

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  • Allison Weiss: Say What You Mean


    There are many tools in a singer-songwriter’s arsenal that help to create enduring albums, however, I remain certain that the epitome of these tools is the ability to take the simple and make it profound. Allison Weiss has this ability and her latest effort Say What You Mean does exactly what its title implies. Weiss and…

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  • Show Review: Pentimento

    Pentimento - Promo

    At the ripe old age of 19 and as single as they come, I cannot even pretend to know what the feeling of being a father must be like. But as I watched Pentimento hit the stage at Soundlab on what was a distinctly cold and snowy April day in Buffalo, I felt a sense of…

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  • Show Review: letlive.

    letlive - Promo

    There are studio bands that also happen to tour and there are live bands that also put out records; anybody who’s seen Los Angeles natives letlive. live would be hard-pressed to argue that they don’t constitute the latter group. When the boys in letlive. hit The Lost Horizon in Syracuse, NY on March 27, they…

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  • Interview: Rookie Town

    Rookie Town - Interview

    Mind Equals Blown staffer Zac Lomas recently interviewed Rookie Town vocalist William Appert in anticipation of their participation on the MEB-sponsored Spring Fling Tour. The two discussed the band’s debut full length, the recording process, and teenagers’ undying love of gang vocals. MEB: Your name Rookie Town implies a certain sense of youthful community. What…

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  • Vanna: The Few And The Far Between

    Vanna - Promo

    On their recent tour with Vanna, Every Time I Die frontman Keith Buckley implored the crowd in Syracuse, NY to buy the Boston quintet’s latest release, The Few and the Far Between, stating with a joking grin on his face that this record was “For fans of: Of Mice & Men, I See Stars, and…

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  • Rookie Town: New Forest Floors

    Rookie Town Promo

    Although I enjoy all derivations of punk rock, I have a certain soft spot in my heart for the sub-genre of post-hardcore. From Fugazi to .Moneen. to Thursday post-hardcore has supplied me with some of my favorite albums of all time. Unfortunately, I continue to notice that the genre has been falling to the wayside in…

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  • Hundredth: Revolt EP

    Hundredth - Promo

    After the release of their 2011 full length Let Go, South Carolina natives Hundredth return with their follow up EP, Revolt, that lives up to the imagery invoked in its seemingly revolutionary title. Vocalist Chadwick Johnson takes a markedly different approach to lyrics than in their previous works, focusing in on distinctly political themes that…

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