Mind Equals Blown

Mind Equals Blown

  • 3 Of The Week: (9/11/14)

    3 Of The Week - 9-11-14

    For the first time in the 22 years that I have graced this Earth with my presence, I don’t live in Texas, or as I fondly refer to it as, the greatest state in the world. And while I am happy for the opportunity that led to my move, I miss Texas every day. But…

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  • 3 Of The Week: (9/2/14)

    3 Of The Week - 9-2-14

    Mid-August beckons the return to the academic setting, whether it’s familiar or a foray into an eight month excursion designed to test your ability to manage scholastics, relationships, and, of course, fun. For me I didn’t leave Burlington for the summer and yet I’m still getting the pit of excitement in my stomach as if…

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  • 3 Of The Week: (8/27/14)

    3 Of The Week - 8-27-14

    Have you ever listened to a song and said ‘This song is so good, but why can’t a different artist be singing it?’ Well, you my friend are absolutely not alone in the never-ending frustration of whether or not you should like a particular song despite who is singing it. But that’s what covers are…

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  • 3 Of The Week: (8/12/14)

    3 Of The Week - 8-12-14

    I’ve been in a state of mourning lately. Nothing melodramatic or negative has been happening in my life, so that’s nothing to worry about. I’ve just been missing bands that are no longer around these days. It always tends to be the best bands that casually fall below the radar and ultimately call it a…

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  • 3 Of The Week: (8/5/14)

    3 Of The Week - 8-5-14

    Is there a “song of the summer” this year? Since I cancelled my cable subscription, I’ve been gloriously out of the loop with whatever version of “Blurred Lines” has been played ad nauseaum. I honestly don’t know, I haven’t been out in Pittsburgh’s Southside for a while, but I do find there to be some…

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  • 3 Of The Week: (7/29/14)

    3 Of The Week - 7-29-14

    What’s up, sports fans? It’s that time of week again where someone on this site writes about three tracks that are killing it on their stereo. Come get some: 1. “Leathers” – Deftones Deftones writes about sex and they do so with a mixture of angular nu-metal and atmospheric – oh, forget it. You know…

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  • 3 Of The Week: (7/22/14)

    3 Of The Week - 7-22-14

    With the semester ending and the summer on full kick-start, to students that usually means rewarding themselves with never-ending concerts, festivals, having a rad time with friends and being with family. Fortunately, I’m blessed enough to go back to my roots and explore Northern Virginia. The area in my opinion is the perfect location. You…

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  • 3 Of The Week: (6/4/14)

    3 Of The Week - 6-8-14

    Living by the shore of New Jersey, relaxing by the pool or at the beach is a necessity in the summertime. Although I am not much of a beach fan for a Jersey girl, I have felt especially motivated in the past couple months to get into shape for the summer. If you easily get bored…

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