Mind Equals Blown

Mind Equals Blown

  • 3 Of The Week: El Niño

    C/O SoundCloud

    Hello from soggy California! El Niño is in full effect here on the North American West Coast, bringing with it the typical mischief, from freeway closures, to disappointing hair days. When the California rain starts up, I don’t know which floods faster: our inadequate infrastructure, or my Facebook news feed. Here are three tracks that…

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  • 3 Of The Week: Freddie Mercury

    As a seminal figure in the closing decades of 20th century rock ‘n’ roll, Freddie Mercury is often heralded as a magnificent live performer, unrivaled singer and, of course, cultural icon. I’m not here to agree or reaffirm what’s been said so many times since Queen’s music went global in the ‘70s. However, as a lifelong…

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  • 3 Of The Week: Halloween Remixes

    Halloween Remixes

    With less than one week to go until Halloween, it’s time to step up the eerie jams and embrace the holiday spirit. While listening to Taylor Swift is enough to send shivers up anybody’s spine, there’s darker stuff out there to get you into a festive mood. Today’s Halloween, with its inedible candy corn and slutty Game…

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  • 3 Of The Week: (9/15/15)

    3 Of The Week - 9-15-15

    In the wake of RYAT’s record release party at Password and a recent LA Weekly feature, it is high time we exhibit some talent from Unspeakable Records. Dot (aka Kate Ellwanger) founded her LA label as a means for female artists to collaborate on and promote their work without some of the constraints typical in the…

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  • 3 Of The Week: (7/29/2015)

    House Remixes of early 200s songs

    Early 2000’s. My middle school days (however that may age me). Before David Guetta had breached the gap between hip hop and dance music and every Top 40 hit was either commanding you to put your thing down or flip it or possibly even reverse it. I didn’t have a car yet, nor did I…

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  • 3 Of The Week: (7/14/15)

    3 Of The Week - 7-13-15

    The Fourth of July has come and gone, and festival season – in all its flash-tattooed glory – is in full swing. From dusty camping festivals to remote events in the forest to your local city’s sampling of artists, you’ve slowly been preparing yourself to don this season’s shorts, tank tops, and sweatbands. Here are…

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  • 3 Of The Week: (6/23/15)

    3 Of The Week - 6-23-15

    Well, spring time is winding down to a close, love is in the air (or swiping left or right for some), and the humidity is starting to crank up. I figured we take a look at three songs which could be contenders for the song of the spring season. You’ve probably found yourself singing these…

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  • 3 Of The Week: (6/19/15)

    3 Of The Week - 6-19-15

    The divorce rate in the United States hovers around 50% and quite a lot of children are conceived out of wedlock. This means there are more homes than ever that have one or both biological parents missing. I personally was a kid who bounced around from family members, to friends, and back because of my…

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