Mind Equals Blown

Mind Equals Blown

  • 3 Of The Week: (6/23/15)

    3 Of The Week - 6-23-15

    Well, spring time is winding down to a close, love is in the air (or swiping left or right for some), and the humidity is starting to crank up. I figured we take a look at three songs which could be contenders for the song of the spring season. You’ve probably found yourself singing these…

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  • 3 Of The Week: (6/19/15)

    3 Of The Week - 6-19-15

    The divorce rate in the United States hovers around 50% and quite a lot of children are conceived out of wedlock. This means there are more homes than ever that have one or both biological parents missing. I personally was a kid who bounced around from family members, to friends, and back because of my…

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  • 3 Of The Week: (10/7/14)

    3 Of The Week - 10-7-14

    Grad school has all but reduced to me to some sort of troll that only emerges from class and coffee shops for the one hour of day I don’t have work to do. That one hour a day is my Korean class. During this class I listen to a lot of K-Pop – like… a…

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  • 3 Of The Week: (9/30/14)


    For millions of high school seniors, the mere thought of college will send chills down his or her spine. The idea of leaving home brings a sense of fascination amidst uncertainty. While maybe not in a physical sense, the thought of leaving home, the home that is at the very core of your heart, is…

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  • 3 Of The Week: (9/23/14)

    3 Of The Week - 9-23-14

    When I first started getting into my own music, my mother and I clashed almost immediately. She’s an avid fan of Bob Dylan, James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, and other similar musicians, while I got into loud music with screaming in it. While my musical palette has certainly expanded since then, it’s gone into territories that…

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  • 3 Of The Week: (9/11/14)

    3 Of The Week - 9-11-14

    For the first time in the 22 years that I have graced this Earth with my presence, I don’t live in Texas, or as I fondly refer to it as, the greatest state in the world. And while I am happy for the opportunity that led to my move, I miss Texas every day. But…

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  • 3 Of The Week: (9/2/14)

    3 Of The Week - 9-2-14

    Mid-August beckons the return to the academic setting, whether it’s familiar or a foray into an eight month excursion designed to test your ability to manage scholastics, relationships, and, of course, fun. For me I didn’t leave Burlington for the summer and yet I’m still getting the pit of excitement in my stomach as if…

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  • 3 Of The Week: (8/27/14)

    3 Of The Week - 8-27-14

    Have you ever listened to a song and said ‘This song is so good, but why can’t a different artist be singing it?’ Well, you my friend are absolutely not alone in the never-ending frustration of whether or not you should like a particular song despite who is singing it. But that’s what covers are…

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