Mind Equals Blown

Mind Equals Blown

  • From Ashes to New: Evolution Through Music

    Ashes 1

    It is impossible for Matt Brandyberry (vocals/guitar/keyboards/programing) to determine what he still wants to learn about music, because he is still discovering all there is to learn. Together with Chris Musser (vocals), Branden “Boo” Kreider (guitar/vocals), Garrett Russell (bass), and Tim D’onofrio (drums), From Ashes to New are embracing all genres in a perfect blend of…

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  • 7 Minutes in Heaven: Surprises Galore!

    7 MIH #1

    On a regular Tuesday night in Cleveland, 7 Minutes to Heaven turned up the volume and got down to the business of fun. Timmy Rasmussen (vocals/guitar), Alex Rogers (vocals/bass), and Justin Mondzak (guitar/vocals) thrilled the audience with their signature alternative rock sound and surprises around every corner. Surprise #1: It’s a video shoot! The show…

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  • Home for Fall: The Guys We Hang Out With

    Home for Fall 1

    The best way to describe Home for Fall is that they are the guys you want to hang out with. Taylor Liff (vocals/guitar), Matt Bowen (bass), Jack Burg (drums), and Ryan Stout (guitar) are the boys-next-door who understand what we go through , because they live in our world. Billed as pop/punk/alternative music, the Home…

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  • Mulu Lizi: Men of Fire

    mulu lizi 1

    If the name Mulu Lizi conjures up images of exotic locales south of the equator, you are headed in the wrong direction. Mulu Lizi is a star in the Libra constellation, as well as a stellar alternative rock band from Rochester, New York. Brothers Art Zimmer (guitar/vocals) and Chris Zimmer (bass/vocals) joined Steve Mackin (lead…

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  • buckcherry: More to Come

    Buckcherry 1

    With seven albums and almost a decade of making music together, Josh Todd (vocals), Keith Nelson (guitar), Stevie D. Kelly (bass), and Lemieux Xavier Muriel (drums) have made buckcherry a standard for rock lovers everywhere. Their newest release, Rock ‘N’ Roll, is a fun party album, tailor-made to remind listeners why they are buckcherry fans.…

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  • First Decree: Breaking Through

    First Decree 1

    From Cheyenne, Wyoming, three brothers, Dane Lopez-Smith (vocals/guitar), Issac Lopez-Smith (bass/vocals), and Zach Lopez-Smith (drums) together with friend, Travis James formed a rock band in 2012 and called it, First Decree. Their newest album, This is Our Rise was released last month as they tour the country thrilling fans with a solid rock sound and…

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  • The Cry: Just for Fun

    The Cry 2

    If ever there is a time to put your hectic life aside and just have fun, it has to be when The Cry comes to town. From Portland, Oregon, founding members Ray Nelson (guitar/vocals) and Brian Crace (guitar/vocals) join fellow band members Michael “Corsh” Cortichiato (bass/vocals), Joey Brewley (drums), and Victor Franco (keys/guitar/vocals) to bring…

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  • Is Today’s Top Music Smart?


    A couple of months ago, a study was released that found that the most popular music we listen to now is only written at a third-grade reading level. Performed by Andrew Powell- Morse of SeatSmart, the study researched the reading levels of 225 songs on the Billboard’s Top Pop, Country, Rock, and Hip-Hop charts over…

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