Mind Equals Blown

Mind Equals Blown

  • How Can Artists Change the World?


    International reggae band SOJA just released a new video for their song “Shadow” through a partnership with UNICEF. The video is part of UNICEF’s Out-of-School Children initiative. The initiative’s main goal is “to reduce the number of children who are out of school around the world” according to the UNICEF website, with several different strategies such as…

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  • MEB Album Ranks : Nine Inch Nails

    Nine Inch Nails - Promo

    It’s really hard to rank albums. So many emotions come into play – you’re essentially arranging tracks and albums like Lego pieces. To kick off Mind Equals Blown’s album ranks, I’m going to head down the rabbit hole of my top four records from Nine Inch Nails. The band in it’s many incarnations have been around…

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  • Outlands: Positive Metalcore + High Energy

    Outlands 1

    Happiness may be fleeting, but so is heartache, and no one knows it better than San Diego rockers, Outlands. James DeBerg (vocals), Jordan Garza (vocals), Kristopher Renfro (guitar), Alex Ortega (guitar), Zack Harrison (bass), and Garrett Halvax (drums) are determined to bring a very special brand of metalcore to audiences across the United States on…

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  • Summer Underground: Soul, Stories, and Authenticity


    Hailing from the city of New York with their unique brand of piano-driven indie pop, Summer Underground is an act that exudes the perfect balance of emotional integrity and artistic value. The band is made up of two parts, Grant Carey and Chrissy Sandman, who both contribute on instrumental and vocal duties. With soulful vibes…

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  • Keys & Corridors: A Little Bit of Everyone

    K&C 1

    Enthusiasm is catching and when Keys & Corridors takes the stage, it is impossible not to get caught up in the excitement. Kaylene Widdoes (vocals), Lauren Seveney (rhythm guitar/vocals), Nate Milstein (lead guitar), Kyle Miner (bass), and Austin Melaney (drums) start their show with an invitation to come and party with them, and they consistently…

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  • Editorial: My Montage Of Heck


    My first encounter with Nirvana was actually coincidental. Perhaps even accidental. I was a mere youngling who just worried about this bedroom door basketball hoop with the foam ball. In passing, I turned the channel to MTV and out rang the beginning power chords to “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. At this time, my parents played…

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  • In Her Own Words: A Sound All Their Own

    IHOW 2

    Billed as a pop/punk/rock/jam band, In Her Own Words have a sound all their own. Joey Fleming (vocals), Ian Berg (guitar), Eric Ruelas (bass), and Omar Sultani (drums) blend traditional punk music with an underlying classic rock beat. The Los Angles quartet is known for the fascinating blend of musical influences that creates a high…

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  • Seafair: Not the Average Rock Band

    seafair 2

    You may not think of violins and cellos when you think of a rock band, but Cleveland indie artists, Seafair make it work. Ryan Kelly (drums), Michael Flaherty (guitar), Joshua Riehl (bass), Andrea Belding Elson (violin), Tara Hanish (cello), and Chayla Hope (vocals) know that making any kind of music is a team effort. Blending…

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