Mind Equals Blown

Mind Equals Blown

  • Drama Club: Behind the Mask

    Drama Club

    Mystery surrounds electro/shock pop duo, Drama Club. They are encased in costumes, faces hidden behind white, porcelain-like masks. They look like twins, but perform as individuals. They are known as Andromeda, after the constellation, and Zero, considered by ancient cultures to be the ‘cosmic egg’, depicting both the nothingness of death and the totality of…

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  • This Century: Back on the Road

    This Century

    The wait is over! This Century is back on tour with The Long & Winding Roadshow and will be performing old favorites and exciting new songs to audiences across the nation. The music of Joel Kanitz (vocals), Sean Silverman (guitar/vocals), and Ryan Gose (drums) reverberates with honest, emotional lyrics set to provocative melodies. Each song…

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  • Rise Against ______________.

    Rise Against 2013

        On a crisp, clear Autumn evening, Rise Against took the stage at Jacob’s Pavilion in Cleveland like a steamroller on a deadline. Tim Mc Illwrath (vocals/guitar), Zach Blair (guitar), Joe Principe (bass/Backing vocals), and Brandon Barnes (drums) matched the energy in the crowd, responding through the driving force of their music. Crowd surfing…

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  • Pianos Become The Future: Punk Rock and Post-Rock in a Post-Influenced Society

    Pianos Become the Teeth 2014

    It’s obvious if you know me that I like sad music a lot. There’s something to be said about songs that make you second-guess the commonplace effects of happiness. The whole “it takes more muscles to frown than to smile” makes me admire the hardworking DIY feel and common darkness found in emo, punk, and…

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  • Fans Say the Darndest Things


    Social media has given music lovers a platform to connect with their favorite musicians and other fans. It has also given rise to a form of unfiltered freedom of speech that can be good, bad, or downright frightening. Twitter is a public forum. Emarosa front man Bradley Scott Walden has a tagline on Twitter that…

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  • The Spectators: Not on the Sidelines

    The Spectators

    Contrary to the name of the band, The Spectators are not sitting in the bleachers, watching life go by. In fact, JJ Frederico (Bass/Vocals), Patrick Farmer (Guitar/Vocals), Josh Jones (Guitar/Vocals), and Mike Taddeo (Drums), are taking the Cleveland alternative rock scene by storm. With uplifting lyrics and an energetic stage show, these artists are always looking…

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  • For All Those Sleeping: Saying Goodbye


    Moving on is not giving up. The members of For All Those Sleeping have reached and surpassed the goals they set for their music. After careful consideration, the five best friends from St. Cloud decided to end this chapter of their lives on a positive note. Mike Champa (vocals), Jerad Pierskalla (guitar/vocals), London Snetsinger (bass/vocals),…

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  • Music Fans Becoming Too Personal?

    Real Friends-Promo

    Music has always been a huge industry with fans of all types of genres. Artists work their hardest to put out music and put on shows for their fans to go to, which of course doesn’t go unnoticed, but fans are starting to ask for more. Fans ask for meet and greets, cheaper shows/merch, and…

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