Mind Equals Blown

Mind Equals Blown

  • An Ode to the iPod Classic

    iPod Classic

    Every year when Apple gives their keynote address, the hullabaloo is always about the new stuff. The new iPhone, the new iPad, the new operating system. If a product’s thinner, slicker, has a white apple logo on it, and is even slightly different from its last incarnation, it’s guaranteed to have the Apple fanboys –…

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  • The Phillip Fox Band: Everyone Needs a Little Country Music

    Phillip Fox Band - Promo

    Billed as ‘Country-Fried Rock ‘N Roll’, The Phillip Fox Band is determined to bring their unique blend of country music to fans of all genres. With multi-talented musicians Phillip Fox (vocals/guitar/harmonica), Jonathon Kampfe (vocals/bass), David Morckel (vocals/guitar) and Austin Nill (drums), The Phillip Fox Band has just released their new album Heartland this month. The diverse…

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  • Rock Is Alive, Old Thinking Is Dead

    Gene Simmons

    Oh Gene Simmons, you’ve done it again. Let me preface this by stating that I have the utmost respect for Kiss and the legacy that they have forged. It’s also why I’m extremely disappointed and amused at your statement that “Rock Is Dead”. Let’s go ahead and etch the gravestone and say our last words now…

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  • Emily’s Army: Surf’s Up, Let’s Dance

    Emilys Army - Promo

    Cleveland, Ohio is nowhere near an ocean, but when Emily’s Army takes the stage, it is a surf party (minus the sand) that rivals any beach gathering. Cole Becker (guitar/vocals), Max Becker (guitar/vocals) and Joey Armstrong (drums) create music that produces a sun-drenched, seashore vibe no matter where they happen to be. The California trio…

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  • Don’t Use Crowd Funding To Go On Tour


    Touring is the coolest thing in the world. I’m writing this on tour, and I ardently think every musician should at the very least give it a shot. I’m traveling the East Coast playing shows almost every day, and I’m having the time of my life. There’s been a lot of talk particularly in the…

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  • Dead Leaves: Reinventing the Band

    Dead Leaves - Promo

    Cleveland indie rock band Dead Leaves is in a good place after making the decision to reinvent themselves. A year ago, the band went by the name of Call It Fiction and released their first EP, Amend Regret. It did well, streaming on the Property of Zack and AbsolutePunk websites. But for Alex Tucker (bass) and Elliot…

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  • Yellerkin: Childhood Indie Sensibilities


    It’s a pretty interesting story how I first heard of Yellerkin. Back in 2012 when I was still in high school, I discovered alternative rock band Bear Language on YouTube, who were just starting out in Boston, and I followed them until the release of their first LP. Fast forward to 2014 when I started…

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  • Saints For Sailors: On The Right Track

    Saints for sailors - promo

    Music is not a nine-to-five job. For bands, like Ohio pop/punk quartet Saints for Sailors, it can be a constant struggle to balance what you have to do with what you want to do. For Jacob Workman (lead vocals/guitar), Darren Luoma (drums), Tim Rutan (lead guitar/vocals) and Tim White (bass), it all boils down to creating…

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