Mind Equals Blown

Mind Equals Blown

  • An Elegy In Seven Parts

    Anberlin - Promo

    Written by Anberlin Contest Winner Lauren Guerrero  Anberlin was first given to me as a gift, and I will always remember them as that – the gift that would eventually become one of the biggest parts of me. I could lie and say, like many already have said, that their music saved me. There are…

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  • Expectations vs. Reality: Vans Warped Tour Press Pass

    Vans Warped Tour 2014

    Since the tender age of 13 years old it has always been a goal for me to cover the best music festival ever created (AKA Van’s Warped Tour). While my music taste has grown way past just pop-punk and alternative, covering Warped Tour for the sake of journalism has continued to be at the top…

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  • From Providence To San Francisco: A Tribute To Anberlin


    Written by guest writer Angela Mastrogiacomo, Founder/Owner of our friends at Infectious Magazine and Muddy Paw PR It was just over 5 years ago that my life changed forever. Wandering down the streets of Providence, RI and into the dingy walls of Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel on Washington Street, I had no idea the direction my life…

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  • Can A Song Save Your Life?

    Music Saves Lives

      Can a song really save your life? That is a question that has been asked for years and years but has never really been proven to the world (at least not in a historical documented way). In John Carney‘s new musical dramedy Begin Again, the answer to that question is played out on the big screen. Ironically,…

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  • Five Albums You May Have Missed in 2013


    2013 was one of the strongest years for music in recent memory. The amount of high quality releases was unprecedented, and many received the attention that they deserved. But while Vampire Weekend, Touché Amoré and Daft Punk may have dominated top ten lists, a long list of albums slipped under the radar. Here are just…

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  • Lost in Space: The Story Behind Weezer’s Lost Gem


    Hot off their debut record, popularly known as The Blue Album, Weezer began work on their sophomore album at the tail end of 1994. To many fans, Weezer’s 1996 classic, Pinkerton, is seen as one of the most important emo and alternative rock albums of all-time. While a major departure from the fun, nerdy power pop, of their first…

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  • Sub-Genres Ruin Music

    Music Background

    “There are so many sub–genres and fashions, two–tone, acid rock, alternative dance, alternative metal, alternative rock, art punk, art rock, avant garde metal, black metal, Christian metal, heavy metal, funk metal, bland metal, medieval metal, indie metal, melodic death metal, melodic black metal, metal core…psychedelic rock, punk rock, hip hop, rap rock, rap metal, Nintendo core [he goes…

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  • Patrick Roche: Recounting 21


    The first time I discovered Patrick Roche was during one of those moments that numerous teenagers have. I was sitting on Youtube just scrolling through the latest videos that various channels had uploaded. I decided to take a break from the string of gaming videos I had been watching and instead watch my beloved Button…

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