• All Alone with William Control

    William Control 2

    In a crowded room, bathed in muted blue light, William Control took the stage and instantly captured my imagination. Together with Kenneth Fletcher (guitar) and Ben Tourkantonis (drums), William Control creates an atmosphere of intimacy not often seen at live shows. He has the unique ability to make the people around you fade to the…

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  • Justin Symbol: Duality in Vision and Sound

    symbol 3

    There is a lot to learn about music for alternative rocker Justin Symbol. As a self-taught artist, his education continues with each person he works with. Touring with bandmate Will (drums), as well as Nox Cult members Soda (guitar) and Fox (bass), he has had the opportunity to incorporate their influences into the music he…

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  • Show Recap: Crown the Empire @ The Altar Bar

    Crown The Empire - Promo

    A day off usually means rest and relaxation, but to Dallas rockers Crown the Empire, it was the chance to headline a special engagement for a hometown crowd. Brent Taddie (drums) is originally from Pittsburgh and brought bandmates Andy Leo (vocals), David Escamilla (vocals), Brandon Hoover (guitar), Benn Suede (lead guitar), and Hayden Tree (bass) home…

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  • Mike Shea/Alternative Press: Making a Difference

    Mike Shea 3

    As a teenager, Mike Shea wanted an outlet to write about his favorite punk bands, because there was no publication that covered punk music at the time. Using an offset press, Alternative Press magazine was born, featuring music news, reviews, and pictures. The group distributed the first copies at punk rock concerts around Cleveland, handing…

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  • A Collegiate Affair: School’s Out For Summer

    a collegiate affair 2

    Virginia quartet, A Collegiate Affair is exactly what the name implies. Two members of the band have already earned their college degrees, while the other half are still attending classes at Virginia Tech. But, James Tuck (vocals), Mikey Stecher (bass), Tim Fogg (guitar), and Dylan Morgan (drums) never took classes in music. They are self-taught…

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  • Handing Out Awards From Shaky Knees


    It’s a wonderful time of year. As the calendar flips over to May, it brings with it warmer weather, sunny days, vacations, and a plethora of other great things. A large amount of people celebrate this wonderful time by jumping into the music festival season. I have never been one of those people. I never…

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  • The Technicolors: Indescribably Delicious

    Technicolors 2

    What started as a challenge (to write one song) from his father, Brennan Smiley has found his passion in music that is thrilling audiences at each stop on his first tour across the United States. Smiley (vocals/guitar) joins with Troy Lowney (keys) and Mike “Nico” Nicolette (bass) to blend a myriad of musical influences, making…

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  • In The Defense Of The Photographer


    I was racking my brain to even start this editorial. I have something to say, but I didn’t want it to be a hosh posh of sour grapes. It’s more out of concern for a pattern I’m seeing as of late – perhaps many other photographers are as well. There’s been this unfortunate trend that…

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