• Butterflies Are Mortal Too: America’s Culture War And Kendrick Lamar’s Explanations

    Kendrick Lamar

    Not too long ago, I wasn’t a fan of hip-hop. Now, I see Kendrick Lamar as a soldier in a genre that I once despised. Growing up, I was never a fan of rap music, and for what I thought were solid reasons. The lyrics didn’t seem to relate to me, and the colorful language bothered…

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  • Head North: Dudes in a Band

    Head North 2

    Brent, Ben, Alex, and Ryan are dudes in a band…not band dudes. New York indie artists, Head North take music seriously. It is a way of life, not a weekend hobby for Brent Martone (vocals/guitar), Ben Lieber (drums), Alex Matos (bass), and Ryan Harris (guitar). After being a DIY band for so long, signing to…

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  • Taylor Tote: No Backup Plan


    Indie artist Taylor Tote has always known she would be a singer. However, the decision to make music her career was not an easy process. Together with Anthony Flora (drums), Tom Briant (lead guitar), Julian Michalski (bass), and Nick Piescor (guitar), she has forged ahead, following her dream to make music that crosses all genre lines.…

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  • Have Mercy: It’s a Go!


    The bags were packed, equipment stowed away, arrangements were made. Have Mercy was going on a full U.S. tour, filled with the promise of introducing more people to their music. Maryland indie rockers Brian Swindle (vocals/guitar), Nick Woolford (bass/vocals), Todd Wallace (drums/vocals), and Andrew Johnson (guitar/vocals) looked forward to taking their show on the road. Then…

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  • Doyle: Maestro of Guitar

    Doyle 2

    The term ‘Monster Metal’ may conjure up images of dark and scary places, but in the case of Doyle, it really means a quartet with a huge metal sound. Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein (guitar), Alex Story (vocals), Anthony Biuso (drums), and DieTrich Thrall (bass) take metal to a new level. Their focus is incredible, mesmerizing…

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  • Blurred Lines? The Impending Price Of Inspiration


    Let me set you up with a quick scenario. You have a band that is recording a single or an album. Deep into the recording process, you start tapping into the influences that made you a musician in the first place. Notice there that I said influences. Perhaps it was that Eddie Van Halen riff…

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  • Louder Than Quiet: Forging a New Sound

    Louder than Quiet

    From Baltimore, Maryland, Ali Rezghi (guitar/vocals), Dominic Buie (bass/vocals), Anthony Alexander (drums/vocals), Danny Seay (guitar/vocals), and Urico Schuler (vocals) are finding that discovering a new sound in metal music is not as easy as it sounds. In fact, it has been an uphill battle at times. For Louder Than Quiet, a melodic metalcore band, the…

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  • Tiny Moving Parts: Breaking Through

    Tiny Moving Parts

    With two full length albums and two split albums under their belt, Tiny Moving Parts is poised to win the hearts of music lovers everywhere. Minnesota indie/rock musicians Dylan Mattheisen (guitar/vocals), Matthew Chevalier (bass/vocals), and Billy Chevalier (drums) have forged a place in music with songs that make you sing out loud. Their first album,…

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