• Interview: Bobby Meader

    Brian Lion

    Staff Writer/Photographer Murjani Rawls recently caught up with Bobby Meader to discuss his new project, Breakfast At Noon, the Las Vegas music scene, services like Spotify, and more!   MEB: Thanks for taking time out and speaking to Mind Equals Blown. Can you tell a little bit about yourself to our readers? Bobby: Hey, guys, what’s…

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  • Interview: The December Streets

    December Streets promo

    South African pop rock heavyweights December Streets recently released their new single “Addy (Never Growing Up)”, and were gracious enough to let our South African writer Craig Roxburgh talk to their lead singer, Tristan Coetzee, about the single, a possible new album, and the South African music scene. Earlier this year, you guys dropped a…

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  • Interview: Lois Winstone Of Lois & The Love

    Lois And The Love

    Staff Writer/photographer Murjani Rawls caught up with lead singer Lois Winstone of Lois & The Love to talk about her influences, stage presence, the band’s upcoming album, Love Is Louder, and more.   MEB: Hello Lois! Thank you for talking to Mind Equals Blown. Just for our readers, can you tell us a little bit…

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  • Interview: Autumn In June


    Reigning in Los Angeles, California, electro-indie artist Autumn In June is beginning to break out in the music scene, vastly sharing his unique sound and style. MEB editor Emma Guido was gratefully given the chance to ask the blossoming musician a few questions about his eventful career. Read below to learn more about Autumn In June’s…

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  • Interview: Connell Cruise


    There are often South African artists that become popular overseas. Connell Cruise is one of those artists. MEB staff writer Craig Roxburgh got a chance to interview him ahead of his upcoming tour of South Africa. MEB: This will be your first time officially touring South Africa; what are you looking forward to the most about…

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  • Interview: Soda Fabric

    Soda Fabric

    Staff Writer/Photographer Murjani Rawls caught up with Berlin bred band, Soda Fabric. They discussed their recording process for Atlantis, thoughts on Spotify, and what they have in store for 2015. MEB: First off, thank you guys for taking time out to speak to Mind Equals Blown. Can you guys introduce yourselves to our readers? Nice…

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  • Interview: Juliet Simms


    MEB staff writer/photographer Murjani Rawls caught up with Juliet Simms, formerly of Automatic Loveletter to talk about her newest EP, All Or Nothing, her experiences on The Voice, and going back on Warped Tour. MEB: Can you introduce yourself to all the Mind Equals Blown readers out there? Juliet: My name is Juliet Simms. I…

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  • Interview: Ivri Lider Of The Young Professionals

    The Young Professionals

    MEB Staff Writer/Photographer Murjani Rawls caught up with Ivri Lider of The Young Professionals to talk about the group’s first album, 9 AM to 5 PM, 5 PM to Whenever, their remixing process, thoughts on electronic music today and more. MEB: Thank you guys for speaking to Mind Equals Blown. Can you introduce yourselves? Ivri…

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