Mind Equals Blown

Mind Equals Blown

  • Interview: Frank Iero (Frnkiero andthe Cellabration)


      Anybody who has grown up to the sounds of alternative/emo rock and roll is probably still heartbroken over the breakup of the iconic My Chemical Romance. Don’t fret – when one door closes another one opens, right? As the past year or so of their breakup carries out, the ambitious band members have already…

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  • Interview: Hostage Calm


    With their new record Die On Stage releasing this week, the Run for Cover veterans in Hostage Calm are on the cusp of a breakout. Fortunately I was able to talk with singer Chris Martin for a bit about the band’s progression, their recording process with Will Yip, and other changes that came this time around as they worked…

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  • Interview: Maitland


    It’s hard to say what sort of musical outlet Maitland is and give an accurate description. I’ve seen the band take on a varying number of people on stage, but every time I’m captivated by the gorgeous music they make. I recently had a chance to chat with singer, guitarist, and songwriter Josh Hines to…

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  • Interview: Agree To Disagree


    1. Firstly, could you please give a brief history of the band? Bobby Magnell (Bass/Vocals): To make a long story short, our original guitarist Drew was setting up a band for a benefit show with a couple of his friends and invited Steven to play. A little over a week before the show, the two…

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  • Interview: Jesse Kinch, Winner of Rising Star

    jesse kinch

    This summer’s Sunday nights consisted of ABC’s newest singing competition, Rising Star. Of all the genre mixed singers and stars, classic rocker Jesse Kinch blew America away with his overpowering and intoxicating vocals and won the incredible prize of a record deal with Capitol Records. Jesse’s incredible performance on the show has the potential to…

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  • Interview – Arteries

    Arteries - Promo

    Arteries are one of my favourite bands in the world. If you asked me to define them, I’d say “stop being so stupid.” If you were to push me, I’d say they combine the best bits of Meshuggah, Letlive and August Burns Red. Awesome, yes? Their front dude Brendan Dafter was good enough to answer…

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  • Interview: Safe Hands

    SH Live

    “There are certain bands you dream of playing with when you start a band. For us, Converge and Norma Jean were right at the top of the list. The Converge show in Sydney was insane. I hadn’t been nervous before a show in forever, but I was so on edge that when walking out on…

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  • Interview: Marie Miller

    MM - K6B7877

    MEB Editor Maria Gironas got a chance to ask some questions to singer-songwriter Marie Miller. Check out the interview below! Describe yourself in 10 words! Marie Miller:A believer that each person deserves to be unconditionally loved What’s your earliest music memory? MM: Playing a song called “I like dogs” on the piano about age five.…

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