Mind Equals Blown

Mind Equals Blown

  • Interview – Arteries

    Arteries - Promo

    Arteries are one of my favourite bands in the world. If you asked me to define them, I’d say “stop being so stupid.” If you were to push me, I’d say they combine the best bits of Meshuggah, Letlive and August Burns Red. Awesome, yes? Their front dude Brendan Dafter was good enough to answer…

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  • Interview: Safe Hands

    SH Live

    “There are certain bands you dream of playing with when you start a band. For us, Converge and Norma Jean were right at the top of the list. The Converge show in Sydney was insane. I hadn’t been nervous before a show in forever, but I was so on edge that when walking out on…

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  • Interview: Marie Miller

    MM - K6B7877

    MEB Editor Maria Gironas got a chance to ask some questions to singer-songwriter Marie Miller. Check out the interview below! Describe yourself in 10 words! Marie Miller:A believer that each person deserves to be unconditionally loved What’s your earliest music memory? MM: Playing a song called “I like dogs” on the piano about age five.…

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  • Interview: Rob Diioia


    MEB staffer Norman Brian Galang recently chopped it up with Rob Diioia, an upcoming rapper & producer from Philadelphia, PA. The 20-year-old rapper supplies fun-hearted raps over soulful uptempo beats that he produced himself. If your hardcore party friend who’s always down to go out happened to make beats like Just Blaze, The Heatmakerz and 9th Wonder, then it’s Diioia. The Philly…

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  • Interview: Panama

    Panama Promo

    MEB staffer Murjani Rawls recently had the chance to catch up with Australian electronic upstarts Panama, who have been touring the United States off the strength of their well received EP, Always. Murjani caught up with vocalist/keyboardist Jarrah McCleary about the band’s recent success during their tour, the writing process behind the Always EP, and…

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  • Inside The Industry: Jacklyn Krol (Founder of Stage Right Secrets/Publicist)

    Jacklyn Krol

    MEB Editor Maria Gironas got a chance to interview a music-maven with quite the resume within this industry, Jacklyn Krol. Not only is she a founder of the successful online music site Stage Right Secrets, she is also a publicist, tour manager, editor…well, let’s say A LOT of hats. Above all though, Jacklyn has time…

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  • Interview: Verses

    VERSES 3

    MEB staffer Craig Roxburgh recently had the chance to catch up with UK alternative rock upstarts Verses, who have been creating a lot of noise in the UK with the release of their debut album Feel It Faster. Craig caught up with vocalist/guitarist Jason Danzelman about the band’s recent success, the UK alternative rock scene and the best…

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  • Interview: Seether


    MEB staff member Craig Roxburgh recently had a rather exciting moment. He got the chance to interview the bassist of a band that are heroes in the country he resides in. The band in question is Seether and the bassist’s name is Dale Stewart. They discussed the band’s tour of Europe, their journey from humble…

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