Mind Equals Blown

Mind Equals Blown

  • Interview: Smoke Season

    ss 1

    In a quaint yet clearly popular cafe in Los Feliz, California, staff writer Heather Allen got to sit down with local indie-pop band Smoke Season for an insightful look on who they are as artists, who they strive to become, and what they believe the next generation of musicians will look like. MEB: What initially inspired…

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  • Interview: Watermark High

    Watermark High Promo

    There is a certain amount of beauty to instrumental music, and that is especially the case when it is an experimental fusion of acoustic and electronic music. This forms the foundation of Johannesburg-based producer Watermark High‘s music. Our South African correspondent, Craig Roxburgh, recently sent a few questions over to Watermark High to discuss how…

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  • Interview: Al Bairre

    Al Bairre - Photo Credit Caroline Mackintosh 40

    2015 has been a great year for Cape Town indie-pop outfit Al Bairre with a recently completed tour of the UK and a performance at The Great Escape Festival, and a recently released single that has broken into the top ten of the Top 40 charts premiere South African radio station 5FM. We have our South African correspondent,…

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  • Interview: Mike Stoloski of Ma Jolie

    Ma Jolie Promo (Photo Credit Jess Flynn)

    Ma Jolie’s Jetpack Mailman EP hits stores this week (and can be streamed right now), and it’s the band’s finest work to date. Past full-length releases have solidified the band’s ability to interpret their influences, but the four songs on Mailman are a whirlwind of dynamics that sound more fully realized than ever before. Tracks like…

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  • Interview: Copeland

    Copeland - Promo

    Following their return, Copeland played some headlining shows after supporting Paramore this spring. Staffer Tim Dodderidge spoke with frontman Aaron Marsh before the Lawrence, Kan. date about the group’s return and mindset after working on other projects. The two also discussed the recently-released alternate album Twin and the resurgence of active music listening through vinyl. MEB: How’s the tour…

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  • Interview: Tiny Fingers

    Tiny Fingers

    MEB contributing writer M.J. Rawls briefly caught up with Israel rock band, Tiny Fingers to talk about their inspirations, their newest video for the track “The Fall”, and future plans for 2015. MEB: How long have you been playing your particular instrument or been in a band together? TF:We have been making music for about…

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  • Duke Dinero Talks Collabs w/ Chinx, Game, Skeme, DUBB & Speaks on Iggy Azalea & Cultural Appropriation in Hip-Hop


    Hip-hop producer Duke Dinero is an upcoming Toronto artist who is already well received and respected in the scene. After scoring two major placements on Chinx and Game’s albums, the 33-year-old beatsmith has been one of the new producers to watch out for. MEB staff writer Norman Galang chopped it up with Dinero via e-mail to speak about his collaboration with Chinx…

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  • Interview: Hanna Brewer Of Purple


    MEB contributing writer M.J. Rawls caught up with singer/drummer Hanna Brewer of Texas punk rock band, Purple to talk about her start in music, what it means to be a “lady dude”, and Purple’s recording process. MEB: How did you get into singing and playing drums? I know that you starting singing first and then…

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