Mind Equals Blown

Mind Equals Blown

  • Interview: Tyler Daniel Bean


    Sometimes people forget that music is an art form. Tyler Daniel Bean is not one of those people. Check out what he had to say about his creative process and how it’s transformed over the past few years since the release of his first LP, Longing. and his subsequent releases: MEB: Thanks for taking the time to do…

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  • Interview: Henrik Linder, Bassist of Dirty Loops


    MEB staffer Murjani Rawls recently met up with bassist Henrik Linder of the pop fusion group Dirty Loops. They discussed the band’s current U.S. tour, the recording process of their debut album Loopified, and who they would like to collaborate with. MEB: Just for our readers, can you guys introduce yourselves and tell us a little bit about how…

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  • Interview: Break of Reality

    Break of Reality

    MEB staffer Rebecca Kravetz recently met up with Ivan Trevino, Meta Weis, Adrian Daurov, and Patrick Laird of the cellist rock group Break of Reality. They discussed their acceptance as a rock band after being classically trained at a NY conservatory, the future of streaming as young musicians (they support T-Swift!), and going on a…

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  • Interview: Sam Poggioli of Sampology


    Editor Maria Gironas’ CMJ 2014 was one to remember as she had the chance to sit down and talk with Australian visual DJ Sam Poggioli, better known as Sampology. It was refreshing to talk to someone with such a “matter-of-fact” attitude, and extremely humble at that. Enjoy the interview below and be sure to check…

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  • Interview: Tyler Carter, Lead Singer of Issues


    2014 has been quite the year for Issues. After touring the world with big names in the heavy music scene right now, they have gained a rapidly-growing fan base and exposure to the world at incredible measures. On top of touring all over the place, the band dropped their debut self-titled album, introducing their unique…

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  • Interview: Joe Boynton, Lead Singer of Transit


    The recent release of Transit’s album Joyride puts their uplifting indie style in a forward motion, giving their constant touring powerful stamina. After parting ways with band member Tim Landers in August, Transit take on a stronger and more developed form of themselves as they present Joyride. MEB editor Emma had the chance to ask…

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  • Interview: Gideon

    Gideon - Promo

    Hardcore quintet Gideon has grown into one of the bigger bands of their genre in recent years. With a new release under their belt, they’re currently touring alongside Being As An Ocean and Fit For A King in hopes of spreading their message of hope and strength through hard-edged breakdowns and screams. The title of…

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  • Show Review & Interview: The Menzingers in Cambridge, MA


    The Menzingers’ debut, 2007’s A Lesson in the Abuse of Information Technology, was as literal as it was raw, including Hamlet references in shredding vocals and surging gang choruses. Over the course of three albums since, the four-piece have honed their aesthetic focuses while broadening their potential as a unit. 2014’s Rented World is a massive set…

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