• Interview: Soda Fabric

    Soda Fabric

    Staff Writer/Photographer Murjani Rawls caught up with Berlin bred band, Soda Fabric. They discussed their recording process for Atlantis, thoughts on Spotify, and what they have in store for 2015. MEB: First off, thank you guys for taking time out to speak to Mind Equals Blown. Can you guys introduce yourselves to our readers? Nice…

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  • Interview: Juliet Simms


    MEB staff writer/photographer Murjani Rawls caught up with Juliet Simms, formerly of Automatic Loveletter to talk about her newest EP, All Or Nothing, her experiences on The Voice, and going back on Warped Tour. MEB: Can you introduce yourself to all the Mind Equals Blown readers out there? Juliet: My name is Juliet Simms. I…

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  • Interview: Ivri Lider Of The Young Professionals

    The Young Professionals

    MEB Staff Writer/Photographer Murjani Rawls caught up with Ivri Lider of The Young Professionals to talk about the group’s first album, 9 AM to 5 PM, 5 PM to Whenever, their remixing process, thoughts on electronic music today and more. MEB: Thank you guys for speaking to Mind Equals Blown. Can you introduce yourselves? Ivri…

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  • Interview: Erra

    Erra - Promo

    Progressive metalcore outfit Erra opened the Frozen Flame Tour at a sold-out Granada Theater in Lawrence, Kan. last Saturday. Staffer Tim Dodderidge talked to guitarist/clean vocalist Jesse Cash during the show about the implications of touring with a band as big as August Burns Red, where they currently fit in with their initial metalcore influences and more contemporary prog…

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  • Jus MaRx. Speaks on Being Labeled a Backpack Rapper

    LNEM_ (3 of 6)

    Jus MaRx. of LNEM (Late Night Early Mornings) spoke to Norman Galang & Mind Equals Blown about being labeled a “backpack rapper.” Although MaRx. understands the term, he said it comes with a negative stigmatism that he doesn’t wish to be a part of. For those who aren’t up on the dude, he’s a young hearted MC who spills his…

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  • Interview: Chris of Plaid Brixx

    Plaid Brixx is an Ohio band that combines the best of Neon Trees, The Bravery, and Cobra Starship. The band released their first EP this past year, which was co-produced by the band’s lead guitarist and vocalist, Chris Duggan. I caught up with Chris about future touring plans, new music, what bands he’s currently listening…

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  • Interview: Ed Ghost Trucker

    Ed Ghost Trucker

    MEB Staff Writer Murjani Rawls had a chance to catch up with Ed Ghost Tucker’s guitarist Rutger Rosenborg and ask him questions regarding their EP Channels, how the band has played together since they were younger, and the San Diego music scene. MEB: Just for our readers, can you guys introduce yourselves? Rutger: Hey everyone, we’re Ed…

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  • Interview: Forebear


    Meet Forebear, a brand new force in the alternative music scene that has quite a lot to offer. In just their debut EP, they introduce themselves with unique instrumentation and ingenious sounds. It takes them only four tracks to establish themselves in the music scene with an incredible and memorable style. How does a beginning band like…

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