• Interview: Sleepwave

    Sleepwave - Promo

    Before the band’s show in Lawrence, Kansas, staffer Tim Dodderidge caught up with Sleepwave frontman Spencer Chamberlain. Chamberlain, the former vocalist for metalcore pioneers Underoath, and the rest of his new band members have been cooking up something different. The 90’s rock-inspired group put out their first full-length in September and is finally going on big…

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  • Interview: Highly Suspect

    Highly Suspects

    Sometimes bands seem to take two or three albums to get the ball rolling, but that is not the case with up and coming Brooklyn based band Highly Suspect. They have only released three songs from their debut album (due out July 14th) and they are already making huge waves. They found some time in their busy…

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  • Interview: Meet Me In Montauk

    Meet Me In Montauk

    MEB staff writer/photographer M.J. Rawls briefly spoke to Fresno, California band Meet Me In Montauk to touch on their history, their recently released album Where The Grass Meets The Pavement and future plans for 2015. MEB: How did you guys all find each other to start up Meet Me In Montauk? MMIM: Our two vocalists…

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  • Interview: Cobi Mike


    Once the lead singer of Island Records’ group Gentlemen Hall, Cobi Mike is now venturing out in the world of music on his own. In an attempt to break free from the harsh qualities of the music industy and fully deliver his image of his music to the world, Cobi Mike has bravely debuted as a…

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  • Interview: TheCITY

    THECITY_8678_DH comp hi res

    Every now and then, we like to look at overseas music scenes and look at the bands that are rising in those respective industries. Our South African correspondent, Craig Roxburgh, recently conducted an interview with Clement Carr of TheCITY, a fresh face in the South African music scene. They spoke about the history of the band,…

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  • Interview: Nick Santino

    Nick Santino

    MEB Staff Writer/Photographer M.J. Rawls caught up with acoustic artist Nick Santino to discuss the upcoming We Like It Quiet tour, his solo success and more. MEB: I wanted to refer back to South By So What for a minute. You performed that first Friday and it was cold and rainy as all hell. You…

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  • Interview: Danny Worsnop Of We Are Harlot

    We Are Harlot

    Staff Writer/Photographer M.J. Rawls caught up with lead singer of We Are Harlot‘s, Danny Worsnop to talk about the beginnings of the band, thoughts on the current state of rock music, and their debut album. MEB: Can you explain how We Are Harlot got started? It was from my understanding that the beginnings had root…

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  • Interview: Darkness Divided


    Staff member Tim Dodderidge recently spoke with Gerard Mora, vocalist and one of the three brothers in the metalcore band Darkness Divided. In this interview, the frontman discusses the group’s signing with Victory Records and release of their debut album, Written In Blood, as well as going in-depth about the quintet’s Christian faith and how…

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