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Mind Equals Blown

  • Inside The Industry: Linda Septien (Talent Coach and Founder of Septien Entertainment Group)


    Linda Septien has worked with endless amounts of youthful talent since her start as a talent coach and owner of Septien Entertainment Group in 1986. Based in Dallas, Texas, Septien’s vast knowledge of what it takes to be a star has inspired and launched the careers of some of today’s biggest stars like Beyoncé, Demi…

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  • Interview: Jon Kohen

    jon kohen

    In July I played a show in the extremely sweaty upstairs of the Kung Fu Necktie in Philadelphia with a young man from Lowell, Massachusetts named Jon Kohen. He’s a fantastic musician who blends his acoustic guitar with his world percussion and electronic samples. I had the chance to chat with him about his EP,…

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  • Interview: Eric Lilavois

    eric lila

      Mind Equals Blown editor Maria Gironas recently met up with producer Eric Lilavois and talked to him about life as a producer and a dad, artists he’s worked with, and other projects he’s involved in. MEB: Hey Eric! So, how is your day going? Do you mind mapping it out a little for me? Eric: Well, today…

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  • Interview: Texas In July

    texas in july

    Earlier this year, Texas In July released their brand new album Bloodwork. In light of this, Craig Roxburgh was able to send a few questions to the band, and Chris Davis (Guitarist) was able to answer them. They discussed adapting to the line-up changes, the state of the modern metal-core scene and what Bloodwork means…

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  • Interview: Evan Weiss on Storm Chasers

    Photo by Mitchell Wojcik

    We already know the unstoppable force that is Evan Thomas Weiss. He cranks out some of the best music in the modern indie-emo scene like no other, whether it be under his own moniker Into It. Over It. or in other bands like Pet Symmetry or Their/They’re/There. Not only that, but also he’s a top-notch…

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  • Salvatore Costa of Smashing Satellites

    Salvatore Costa promo2

    MEB staffer Heather Allen speaks with Salvatore Costa of Smashing Satellites to discuss how this musical endeavor is different from what he did in My Darkest Days, his on-going struggle with reading music, and how “Hounds” quite literally came to him in a dream. MEB: What initially inspired you to become an artist? I know that you’ve been…

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  • Interview: Garret Rapp of The Color Morale

    Garret Rapp

    MEB: First things first: who are you, what do you do, and what is your favorite movie? My name is Garret Rapp, I am the vocalist for The Color Morale, and favorite movie is A Nightmare on Elm St 4. Wow! Better than 3? Close, close tie, but ultimately I think 4 is my favorite…

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  • Interview: Frank Iero (Frnkiero andthe Cellabration)


      Anybody who has grown up to the sounds of alternative/emo rock and roll is probably still heartbroken over the breakup of the iconic My Chemical Romance. Don’t fret – when one door closes another one opens, right? As the past year or so of their breakup carries out, the ambitious band members have already…

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