Mind Equals Blown

Mind Equals Blown

Dylan Powell

Owendale, Michigan
Favorite Bands: The Wonder Years, Transit, Underoath, Taking Back Sunday, Brand New
Best Live Show: Thursday/Underoath at the Royal Oak Music Theater
Favorite Unsigned Band: Your Best Friend

17 going on 18 senior at Owen-Gage High School in rinky-dink Owendale, Michigan, I’m a big fan of a variety of different genres of music and am always up for a good ole music discussion (or should I say argument). My future plans are to attend Grand Valley State University in western Michigan to pursue a career in journalism. I’ve grown up with a huge passion for writing anything that comes to my mind, whether it be stories, poems, lyrics, or (more recently) music discussion. I live, breathe, and sometimes eat music which may come off as pretentious at times, but I know my boundaries when it comes to calling someone out on their music interests. I love going to shows, writing songs, and yelling lyrics to The Wonder Years songs loudly into microphones whenever I get the chance (whether it be my own or someone elses).


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