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10 You Should Know: Paramore

It was September 9th, 2009 when Paramore released Brand New Eyes. A year before that was their live CD/DVD, The Final Riot, which included my name in the booklet (NBD), by the way. A year before that was of course Riot! and two years prior to that was the debut, All We Know Is Falling. For those non-math experts, that would put us at 2005. It was that summer that I was first introduced to the band from Franklin, Tennessee, and little to my knowing at that time, they would significantly impact my life over the next eight years. So, in honor of almost four full years without a full-length release, April 9th, 2013 is a joyous day in my eyes. Let’s take a look at some of the monumental tracks that will forever and always be a major reason why this now-trio can do no wrong.

“Hallelujah” from Riot!

One of the first tracks I ever had the pleasure of listening to from Paramore, “Hallelujah” was actually not released until 2007’s Riot! My first experience was a young Hayley Williams on stage with an acoustic guitar, accompanied by Josh Farro (former lead guitarist) and Jason Bynum (former screamer and rhythm guitarist). The experience was magnificent aside from the bantering and chatter coming from the unpleasant crowd, but I am 100% positive they look back at that set and think…”Wow, I was there…Too cool.” Or, at least, I know I would. “And somehow everything’s gonna fall right into place / If we only had a way to make it all fall faster every day.”

“Misguided Ghosts” from Brand New Eyes

This was honestly the group’s first attempt at really changing up their game. It was a brilliantly basic acoustic-folk track that had never been done. The entire album was a magnificent delight, but coming to that 10th track, it literally stopped you in your tracks (no pun). While Paramore had done a few slowed down, stripped tracks – none of them had this unique quality/element to them. It really did stand alone, and to this day, not many songs written by Williams/Farro can compare – nor will they ever. “But I’m just a ghost / And still they echo me / They echo me in circles.”

“Never Let This Go” from All We Know Is Falling

Aside from “Pressure” mostly due to the sentimental value it holds, “Never Let This Go” was always my favorite song from All We Know Is Falling. It was their first headlining tour in 2006 when I finally heard it live. Up until then, they rarely showcased the track during their live shows, which is extremely unfortunate. Then in spring 2007 they used it once more while on tour with The Almost and in all honesty, I think it may be the last time I ever get to hear it live. That was right before Riot! released and the rest, well, is history. “And by then I’m sure I’ll be pretending / Just like I am tonight.”

“In the Mourning” from Singles Club

Not enough people were fortunate enough to get their hands on this track. And those who were actually seemed mostly critical over the handful of songs released after the Farro brothers’ departure. While I am mostly confused by this analysis, I motion to listen to “In the Mourning.” Similar to “Misguided Ghosts,” it is extremely simple and elegant all at once. It displays an almost “country” swag, which, given the band’s geographical roots – why not? “In the morning, I’ll rise / In the morning, I’ll let you die.”

“Oh Star” from The Summer Tic EP

Much like the previous track, “Oh Star” was released in the summer of 2006. It was showcased on an EP that they sold at their merch table during Warped Tour that summer. The one song that stood out to me was really easy. Overall, it’s just a very delightful pop track – nothing too flashy or fancy. Although the song probably got little play among all the other “mainstream” Paramore tracks, maybe that is exactly what makes it so appealing to me. “Wait / Don’t go away / Just not yet.”

“My Heart” from All We Know is Falling

Probably the most obvious choice on the list (aside from “Decode” actually), but when you talk to most Parafans, “My Heart” is where it begins and ends. The song that the band used to close every live show to, is perfectly classic, especially in that closing role. Fans that came on board after AWKIF, still somehow just knew that this was the one. Even after “Misery Business” and “Crushcrushcrush” hit the airwaves, true fans just knew – “This heart / It beats / Beats for only you / My Heart is yours.”

“Monster” from Transformers Soundtrack

Very similar to “Decode” in its dark, rock progression, “Monster” was an instant classic Paramore track from its onset. Honestly, I only wish they would have taken off with this sound and developed it a bit more. However, one of the things that I admire and appreciate most about this group is just how much they keep you guessing and wishing for more. At some point in time they will release another song similar in style and sound, and we will want more. “Call me a traitor / I’m just collecting your victims / They’re getting stronger / I hear them calling.”

“Decode” from Twilight Soundtrack

Surprise, surprise – as much as I didn’t want to include this, I just had to. As I mentioned before, “Monster” is extremely similar in the musical concept you’re feeling throughout the song. This truly does feel like it is where Paramore “should” be. An almost haunting rock anthem which showcases Hayley Williams at “more than likely” her all-time best, especially that note towards the end that she decided to reach out and hit – good grief! “Do you see what we’ve done? / Gone and made such fools of ourselves.”

“Careful” from Brand New Eyes

The impressive, upbeat kick-start to 2009’s Brand New Eyes is most definitely the second best the album offers. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the entire record is masterful. But, Zac Farro (former drummer) leaves listeners truly missing his presence on anything coming after. The younger Farro brother was always a personal favorite of mine, but his talent was mostly shown off during the live performances. Many drummers find ways to really perform their skillset, but downplay it for the recording phase – this being the case in point. “The truth never set me free / So I’ll do it myself.”

“Pressure” from All We Know is Falling

The track that (for the most part) started the obsession – Hayley Williams in her Philadelphia Flyers t-shirt – yeah, that was the end for me. No, seriously, the song dug itself into my heart and felt right at home, and it more than likely always will. While it was actually October Fall’s “Keep Dreaming Upside Down” that pointed me in the direction of the young teenage vocal prodigy, “Pressure” was the first thing I heard upon further investigation of that voice. Thank God for Google – or was it Yahoo? “Cause I fear I might break / And I fear I can’t take it.”

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