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Most Anticipated of 2013

As good as 2012 was, that year is over and we’re ready to move on to another year hopefully full of great music across many a genre. A number of us here are looking forward to 2013’s bounty of music in everything from rap to pop-rock, hardcore to… boy bands? In any case, here is a list of our most anticipated releases for 2013, some speculated, with others with as much release information as seems to be available.

Earl Sweatshirt Doris (TBA / Tan Cressida / Columbia)

Earl Sweatshirt is one of the most intriguing rappers out there right now. After releasing his incredible debut Earl in 2010, Sweatshirt disappeared from the limelight just as the rest of his Odd Future crew were blowing up. Now he is back and ready to take over. With the initial shock of Odd Future wearing off, Sweatshirt has the opportunity to transcend the group and prove to everyone that he is deserving of the hype and attention – not for stirring up controversy, but for his talent. With Doris, he warns that he will lose some fans who only liked him for his outrageous lyrics, but one listen to first single “Chum” and you can tell the change will be for the better. This album should be something special. (Nick Niedzielski)

The Black KeysTBA (TBA / Nonesuch)

The Black Keys have confirmed that they are making a new album this year and I could not be more excited. Speaking to Uncut about what’s in store, guitarist Dan Auerbach said: “We’re going to start making the new album in the second week of January and we’re hoping to have it done by some time in March.” What I am looking forward to the most is how they are going to change their style. While albums of old have had the heavier blues feel to them, recent albums like Brothers and El Camino have gone to the pop side of things. While I have not enjoyed them as much as earlier efforts, I wonder: Will their pop trend continue or will they go back to their roots? (Johnny Frazier)

Jimmy Eat WorldTBA (TBA / TBA)

Jimmy Eat World are supposedly almost done with a yet-to-be-announced album which frontman Jim Adkins promises will have a rawer, less clean sound. Perhaps that’s why I’m so excited for the record (that and Jimmy Eat World are one of my favorite bands ever). Because even though it might not initially seem like a loud and lo-fi sound suits the band, it’s intriguing and encouraging to see that, even at this stage in their career, they are willing to try new things and experiment. Plus, given their history of consistent quality, the absolute worst case scenario is that the album is just really, really good. (Jack Suitor)

The Backstreet BoysTBA (TBA / TBA)

The Backstreet Boys, a boy-band staple of the ’90s, has somewhat fallen off the map in the musical landscape of the new millennium. While they did put out releases in the 2000s, they did not make much noise for anyone other than actual fans, or in immensely fleeting media coverage when singles/albums were released. 2013, however, will bring forth another album from the Boys and with Kevin Richardson’s speculated return we can only hope it is with the full BSB lineup. Not much is known about the album; there is no name or tracklist or even a speculated release date. We do know that it was in production throughout 2012 so I would expect a May/June release from the boys for an album that they have been labeling one of their most personal to date. Personally I am a huge Backstreet fan anticipating any news on this record and will definitely post anything relevant for our readers, because whether they admit it or not, there are a lot of closet BSB fans! (Scott McClellan)

A Wilhelm ScreamTBA (Spring / No Idea Records)

If there’s one record I’m really looking forward to this year, it’s the new A Wilhelm Scream, hands down. The all-time cheerful while relentlessly shredding five-piece from New Bedford, MA has just a special place in my heart, whether for nostalgic (Mute Print), personal (played with these guys once) or just pure awesomeness (Career Suicide) reasons. And in spring 2013, A Wilhelm Scream will give me another long player to love the shit out of; I have no doubts about that. But what can we expect after five years of just one EP and a one-song 7″? Well, if the recent Boat Builder release doesn’t quite cut it to give you a decent idea on what’s to come, guitarist Trevor Reilly may help you out: “I think this record is going to be a much more collaborative effort from everybody, adding all the wonderful stuff they do, you know?” (Interview with AMP Magazine in September 2012) – Yes, I know that fucking badass shredding stuff they do. This is gonna be huge, trust me. (Eric Schulz)

Stray from the PathTBA (TBA / Sumerian)

Long Island outfit Stray from the Path has been a seemingly exponential upward spiral over the past four years, capped by instant classics Make Your Own History and Rising Sun. And with last October’s single “Landmines,” it’s clear that Tom Williams and company still have quite a few fingers to flip to the music industry with their anticipated and yet-to-be-titled 2013 release. The band is currently working with producer Will Putney at The Machine Shop in New Jersey, who also worked on the aforementioned single. Stray is known for cutting through the bullshit and getting straight to genuine and blistering metal-infused hardcore. If their past two albums are any indicator of Stray from the Path’s career trajectory, the forthcoming album is set to be their magnum opus. (Zac Lomas)

The Front Bottoms TBA (TBA / Bar/ None Records)

The announcement of new music from The Front Bottoms is very exciting. Even without any particular details, and a year without any releases, I find myself amused with the news. Yet, I feel like this album has standards to live up to. Their usual depictions of experiences and blunt expressions are something they’ll have to rejuvenate. Their underdog mentality often creates relatable material, but will somehow have to find a way to seem fresh this time around. But the duo is really good at shocking the listener – and adding oddities, which is something to watch out for. Their growing fan base should help propel them into the spotlight, like they deserve, and hopefully the new music will satisfy. If anything, their angst will be enough to rally the troops. (Megan Ammer)

A Day to RememberCommon Courtesy (TBA / TBA)

I have to admit to having a similar feeling the last time A Day to Remember was poised to release a new album. But the slicker leanings tagging most of What Separates Me From You made the band’s last album evaporate pretty quickly from rotation – save for a small handful of tracks. But with 2013 upon us, we’ve been promised a new album and the first new material we’ve heard , “Violence (Enough is Enough)”, puts a small spark of hope for the better to return to something a bit more Homesick than anything else. It might take until the summer for something to get completely in our ears, but for what it is worth, the band seems poised for something huge. Regardless of my taste for what they’ve done in the past, this very well might be the make-it-or-break-it album for truly breaking into mainstream success. (Jason Gardner)

ParamoreParamore (April 9th / Fueled by Ramen)

Paramore’s self-titled will release on April 9th. To say I am excited for this long-awaited (four years) release would be a hell of an understatement. And while I have been less than quiet about this anticipation as of late (check the site, people), all of my hopes and prayers are only around the corner now. “Now” is set to release on January 22nd (which I’m sure will be past by the time this piece hits MEB) and it will be the first flavor (single) of what the other 16 tracks are going to showcase. Paramore’s 17-track album will undoubtedly be the band’s most substantial to date, as they have never pushed quite that far into the teens in terms of track-count. Now (becoming a theme), don’t get me wrong – quality far outweighs quantity, but in the case that through three albums, they have yet to put forth, into this world, a poor track – 17 tracks, I like the odds. (Jarrod Church)

Protest the HeroTBA (TBA / TBA)

With the astounding success of their Indiegogo fundraiser, it is clear that a ton of people are anticipating a new album from Protest the Hero in 2013. As the boys put it, ” Essentially, the success of this campaign will determine how amazing this record will become.” As of now they’re $100,000+ over their goal so I am expecting one hell of an amazing record. I’m interested to see how the shorter turnaround cycle impacts the guys – this will be a two-year turn around instead of their normal three-year deal. I can’t wait to submerge my ears into some PTH goodness in 2013. (Drew Maroon)

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Some time after graduating from Eastern Michigan University with a bachelor’s degree in written communication, Jason figured it was time to put that knowledge to good use by delving into the world of music writing. In his spare time, he enjoys playing Xbox Live, where he dominates in n+ and Trials HD, but seemingly can’t beat most people half his age at Black Ops or Halo.
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