Mind Equals Blown

Mind Equals Blown

Interview: The Night

2011 sure seemed to jerk around Nick DePiro, Aric Improta, and Reilly Herrera. After years of searching, three remaining members of Fullerton, CA’s Archives finally scored a talented and notable singer in Tilian Pearson (ex-Tides Of Man), only to have Pearson abandon the project a month after the official announcement. Lightning struck twice though, and the band won over Douglas Robinson of The Sleeping as their permanent vocalist. Now with the name officially changed to The Night, we got a chance to talk to Douglas about this new band.

First things first: how did you end up with these fine Fullerton boys? What was the appeal?

It’s actually a pretty long story but I will do my best to give you a short version. I was living out in LA before The Sleeping had started writing or even thinking about what became our last record, The Big Deep. I needed a change in my life so I packed up and headed out west. A few days after I arrived, I was asked by a mutual friend to attend a show he had put together. In all honesty, I didn’t want to even think about music at that point of my life. My emotions and train of thought were all over the place and even though I didn’t want to travel hours away to go to this show, I did it because our friend who put the show together always came out and supported The Sleeping. If any of you are familiar with The Sleeping then you’ll know that we will always go out of our way to support friends… especially if they’ve supported us for so long. Anyway, I traveled hours by train to get to this area and I was just so out of it. My friend picked me up at the station and we spoke on the way to the show. In the midst of our conversation he tells me that there is a band there that he thinks I would be into. Being in the state of mind I was in at that point in time, I wasn’t trying to think about bands or music or shows. I just wanted to step away from all of that for a while. So, we finally get to the show and all of the bands I see walking around seem like they are fresh out of middle school. I respect any musician, young and old, but like I said… I didn’t want to be anywhere else but by myself. Later on that night, my friend introduces me to three of his friends. We somehow wind up talking at the bar for hours about bands and artists we all grew up on. It was nice to know there were people out there who still listened and believed in honest music. We were all on the same page on so many levels. Anyway, time flies and one of the dudes says that they have to go. I asked where they were going and they told me that they were the next band on. I finally put two and two together and realized that they were the band my friend had told me about. Well, they took the stage and they literally made my jaw drop. I’m not exaggerating at all when I say this… but I honestly have never in my life felt the way I felt watching this band. They were instrumental at the time and they were absolutely incredible. They were three dudes who weren’t trying to impress anyone around them. I looked at each member individually and all I noticed was the fact that none of them were in the same room as myself or anyone else watching. They were literally in another world and it blew me away. There were no guitar spins or flashy fashion statements. They were just three musicians creating this extremely cohesive machine that wouldn’t stop pounding at your chest. I remember yelling at points during their set. There was just so much emotion that you couldn’t help but yell or gravitate closer to the stage. I thanked my friend so much for telling me about this show and I told him that one day I would front this band. Even though the timing wasn’t right and I had moved back to NY to record The Big Deep, everything worked out perfectly and here we are. Sorry, I guess I couldn’t help but tell the long version of the story. It’s a new and exciting point of my life and it all happened at the perfect moment.

You stated on Facebook that this will be a full-time project. What’s that mean for The Sleeping?

I can’t really comment on this yet because we (The Sleeping) haven’t discussed our future. All I know is that we are all still the absolute best of friends and that is what’s important to us. We apologize to all of the people who are upset or frustrated with us and our lack of news but we also have to look out for ourselves and our happiness. I’m sure by the look of what’s going on… you can get an idea of our current status.

A few months back in the Archives days, it looked like Tilian Pearson (ex-Tides Of Man) would be fronting the band. Has Tilian’s approach to the tracks influenced your approach in any way?

Tillian is a good friend. The Sleeping toured with Tides of Man and they are all incredibly good people. As for Tillian’s demos, believe it or not, I had previously worked with the band before Tillian came into the picture. It was when I had moved back to NY that they started working with Tillian. Tillian has a great voice but him and I are completely different singers and I had already had my own take on how I wanted to progress with these tracks compared to the way I was previously writing for them.

You’re a nation away, being from a Long Island band. Are you making your way out west permanently?

Not at the moment. For now, technology is doing a great job keeping us together. It definitely sucks not being able to hang out everyday with three dudes who have now officially become my life. But, in time I will definitely consider relocating. Either way, this is now my most important role and I am very excited to jump into it all.

Kris Crummett is going to be producing the band’s debut. How did Kris get the gig?

Pretty weird story… but we both follow each other on Instagram, haha. I love photography, it’s become my other passion. So, I started using Instagram and we just wound up following each other. We had not met at this point but we were aware of each other through mutual friends. I really got into the Closure In Moscow record (First Temple) that he produced. So, when I had some demos completed I got his email through Instagram and sent him the tracks. He messaged me back right away and told me that he was really interested in working with us. He pushed aside other projects and took us in right away. We haven’t started recording a full length yet. Just a few songs to point us in the right direction on where we want to take the music. I can definitely say that we want to take this music in a new and different direction than where most bands are trying to go. We want to be something different. We want to be a new way to look at music. I know it sounds like a bold statement but these three musicians (with or without me) have what it takes to change the world. I want to give everything in my power to make that happen. We don’t care about fame, fortune or drama. We care about the state of music and we want to see something different come along and bring back the true meaning of it.

You just recently announced the band name and line-up; what’s the next notable event from The Night?

I can’t say… but we are gearing up for big things. We are dedicated, we love what we do and we are going to cover every area possible, literally and figuratively.

Would you call yourself most comfortable being in singular bands with a “The” prefix?

No, to be honest that was never a thought in my mind. I actually liked the name, “Archives” a lot. But, it didn’t fit the sound of the band and it’s a pain to search the internet for, “Archives.” We feel that our new name best fits our sound. It’s moody, airy and vast. It can be cold and harsh at times or warm and subtle. You will all get the idea once you hear the tracks with vocals.

Anything else you’d like to say?

I would just like to thank all of those who have taken the time to read this interview. Please tell all of your friends about The Night. You can “Like” and “Share” our Facebook Page by clicking here.

Big thanks to Robinson for taking the time to answer our questions. The Night has not released any songs with Douglas’ vocals, but witness the brilliance below via two instrumental demos.


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