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Interview: Wilson

Before heading out on their stint supporting Every Avenue on their Last Call Tour with Set It Off, Conditions and Car Party, Chad Nicefield, vocalist for Wilson, the self-proclaimed party starters from Detroit, Michigan, sat down with Mind Equals Blown to discuss their legendary live shows, new material and their love of breasts and facial hair.

RIYL: Every Time I Die, Cadaver Dogs, Cancer Bats

Thank you very much for your time, Chad. Now, for those who haven’t heard of Wilson before, how would you describe the band in three words?

Fullblast! Rock’n’roll! Fuckery!

You guys have performed with everybody from Between the Buried & Me to Foxy Shazam to The Maine. What’s been the most memorable show you’ve ever played?

We’ve been asked this question before, and although I’d like to say there is a “most memorable performance…” for us, as cheesy as it sounds, they all are memorable…and we mean that! We treat each situation the same; same game face, same attitude, same aftermath. We pride ourselves on dedicating importance to each show we play. We believe in this shit!

Wilson has been known for giving an extremely high-energy live show. What has inspired you over the years to perform your live sets in such a unique way?

The energy of the room, man. We feed, breathe and live off of what’s being projected at us. You are a product of your environment, right? Sure, there is the “warm-up” period when a crowd needs a little back rub to let them know we are all in it together, but after that happens, we’re on cruise control, set at 100 MPH!

On your next tour, you’ll be supporting Every Avenue on their farewell tour with Set It Off, Conditions and Car Party. Being a heavier act, is it ever weird to be on a more poppy bill?

Kind of…but not really. See, Wilson from the beginning has been set on accomplishing a goal. And that goal is having a fucking blast doing what we love to do and making that infectious to the people who we get to pass our debauchery along to. The back rub we mentioned earlier really comes into play on a tour like this, but once it sets in, watching a room loosen up and seeing them change into hairy, awkward monsters with us is the most rewarding feeling…the challenge is often welcomed.

Let’s talk about your music a little bit now. Do you have any new material in the works?

We finished a full length record that will be out sometime in early 2013. The title has not been released yet.

How do you plan on evolving the band’s sound even further with this new material?

We think the sky is the limit to what we can do with a band like Wilson. Sure, we are heavier, but we can take our sound and wrap it around so many trees in someone’s mental forest…we all know good music really connects when it releases your emotions, and with that in mind, we plan on opening some fucking minds with this record…in a rock ‘n roll way!

What made you come up with the Beards for Boobs campaign?

Some of us have had our personal lives affected by the devastating disease known as cancer…and with the ever-looming “No Shave November” and people asking what are we going to do, “You already have beards”, etc, etc. With programs like Movember focused on supporting men’s health during that time, we decided to use the month and the concept to focus on women’s health, and give back to the women in our lives who have given so much to us over the years.

How much did you guys end up raising for the cause?

The final number isn’t all the way calculated, but around $500, we are guessing. We’ll know soon.

What is something that you haven’t done yet with the band that you hope to accomplish?

There are soooooo many things on that list, but hopefully we can accomplish what we set out to do when we started this band…and that is to continue to bring folks of all walks of life together in rooms all over the world under one rock ‘n roll roof for the same reason…to fucking party!

When looking at 2013, what do you guys have slated for the new year?

Tours, a new record, and more tours!

Thank you once again! Any final words for the readers?


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