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MEB EXCLUSIVE: RÊVE Debut Music Video For “Marionettes”


Alternative art-rockers RÊVE are teaming up with MEB to premiere their incredible new music video for their song “Marionettes”, which will appear on their debut full-length record due out on September 20th. The record, titled La Marionnette, promises to blend elements of classical, indie rock, and avant-garde sounds, something that is very much apparent on this fresh single. Check out what vocalist Athena Hiotis had to say about the creation of the video below:

Natasha Marburger of Beyond Illusion Productions in London was working on a story for a film and after hearing an early version of ‘Marionettes’ though a mutual friend, was inspired to make alterations inspired by the song and lyrics. It was a very humbling experience to work trans-atlantic on this project and to know that the song had such an influence on the story.

Fall into “Marionettes” below:

RÊVE will release La Marionnette digitally on September 20th. You can watch the short film-style music video for their previous single “Maid of Heaven” here.

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