Mind Equals Blown

Mind Equals Blown

Exclusive Song Premiere: Echo Base – “Edgebreaker”


Mind Equals Blown is proud to team up with our buds in Echo Base to bring you a new song off of their upcoming debut album¬†Some Legacy. “Edgebreaker” captures all of the magic of today’s best “twinkle” bands – Spencer Wills’ guitar work pairs well with Miguel Vasquez’s happy drumming and some horns in this mostly instrumental track, showcasing the band’s ability to “~shine~ brighter than the brightest star” -@PatrickLHaynes.¬†Don’t forget to check out “Goddammit Phaynes”, named after former MEB staffer and all around goob of the same name.

Some Legacy drops September 3rd and will be a banger. You can pre-order the album on their bandcamp page. All of the proceeds will go toward pressing the record on vinyl. Support some sunshine state “twinkle” and Go Gators! ;)

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