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164166_10150108952190815_93211205814_7487001_3385540_n Marilyn Manson - No Reflection

Marilyn Manson No Reflection - Single

NuMetal | Dine Alone Records

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When you hear the name Marilyn Manson most people know exactly what to picture: someone who, in my opinion, makes Lady Gaga‘s bids for attention look like child’s play. Well, he is back with a new single from his forthcoming album Born Villain; it is called “No Reflection” and is clearly a Marilyn Manson song in its truest and simplest form. Sonically, nothing quite stands out as heinous or envelope-pushing (however, let’s wait until we see the music video…) but the song is quite catchy and fans of the waning genre or Manson in general will be able to clearly identify with this one.

The song starts with what sounds like a kick from a drum machine and evolves into a beat that is on par with the “Hard” difficulty on Rock Band. Thankfully, that is the low point of the song and I will take lacking intricate drums over anything else. The guitar is chordy, noisy, and has a very Manson-esque tinge; while it is nothing to scream about, it is definitely a good strategic choice to present himself again for his fans/potential fans. The lyric diction is very catchy and is obviously the centerpiece of the song, the chorus especially so. As far as lyrical substance, it is the same Manson we all know and love – dark and brooding. This is definitely a Marilyn Manson song and it does well to portray him as he was in previous records.

Another interesting piece of Marilyn Manson news: he has signed his new release to be rolled out in Canada by none other than our friends at Dine Alone Records. Why is this of any relevance you ask? If you just quickly glance over Dine Alone’s roster you will be able to tell that Manson sticks out like a sore thumb (well, where does he not stick out like a sore thumb? I digress).The point of all this is that Dine Alone clearly could not care less who is attached to their lineup, as long as he/she is an artist they can get behind. Personally seeing the evolution of the record from its inception, it provides me with some peace of mind knowing that there are labels out there that will not ride hipster trends and exploit the scene for money. Manson strikes me as the type to be rather selective of who he lets handle his business, heading his own label and all. This speaks volumes of the merits of Dine Alone and also Marilyn Manson.

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