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Mind Equals Blown

#MEBTour, featuring Happy Body Slow Brain, Culprit, & The Paper Melody

Here it is. MindEqualsBlown.net is proud to present their first annual tour, dubbed #MEBTour.

We weren’t looking to throw something together. We hand-picked bands from the thousands of articles we’ve posted over the last three years, getting some of the brightest up-and-coming talents in the industry to represent MEB. Without further adieu, meet Happy Body Slow Brain, Culprit and The Paper Melody, three of the next big things in the scene.

Streaming above are “Emperor” and “Never Loved” from their debut album, Dreams Of Water.
Happy Body Slow Brain’s Official Website, Facebook, Twitter, and BandCamp.

Matthew Fazzi and Isaac Bolivar are no strangers to music. As former members of scene staples Taking Back Sunday, both Fazzi and Bolivar have seen their fair of stages. With Happy Body Slow Brain, the boys have started over as a new band, exploring a more eclectic array of influences from their past in the form of progressive R&B-rock.

After Taking Back Sunday reformed with the original line-up, Fazzi and Bolivar quickly regrouped and recruited Gavin Castleton Trio drummer Eduardo Torres to focus on their new project full-time. Their plan was simple: create a fresh album more true to their personal influences. The resulting Dreams of Water was produced by Marc J. Hudson (Saves The Day, Two Tongues) at his home studio Rancho Recordo in Fenton, MI. Musically, Dreams of Water centers on groove, featuring keyboard-heavy elements with Rhodes piano and thick, layered synthesizers displaying shades of Tears For Fears. While rooted in rock and roll, Dreams Of Water shows Happy Body Slow Brain incorporating more R&B chord and melody influences reminiscent of Steely Dan. The album is dense with rich, layered vocals and harmonies that resemble the styles of The Beach Boys or Jellyfish. When the songs lean more on the guitars, they draw influence from mathy/guitar-centric bands like The Dismemberment Plan, Oceansize, and Counterfit with distinct and unique melodic and rhythmic guitar parts.

The band recently opened for RX Bandits on the band’s farewell tour. The MEB Tour will be revisiting several markets where Happy Body was extremely well-received, with fans already clamoring for their return.

Streaming above are “Strangers” and “Curves” from their new EP, Analogue.
Culprit’s Official Website, Facebook, Twitter, and BandCamp.
For the music video of their single “Sirens,” visit their Youtube page or scroll below.

Resting comfortably in the nook of spacey and driving, Culprit deliver music that takes the energy and technicality of post-hardcore and merge it with the hooks and melodicism of Brit rock. Their ambient and otherworldly tones make their Analogue EP one of 2011’s can’t-miss releases. Produced by Erik Ron (Panic! At The Disco, Foxy Shazam, Four Year Strong), the EP was recorded over several sessions over the course of a year. Crisp and full, Ron’s sonic signature achieves the level of emotion that Culprit’s songs hold.

Hailing from the San Fernando valley, CA (ten minutes from Hollywood), the band has been building a rabid fan base through their home state, playing up and down the coast with such culprits as Everclear, The Higher, The Dangerous Summer, InAviate, Sherwood and A Lot Like Birds. Absolutepunk.net has featured the band as both an Unsigned Spotlight and an AbsolutExclusive, and MEB gave their EP a 4/5 review and reveled at vocalist Travis Powell’s impending takeover of the scene.

Streaming above are “The Nightmare Academy” and “Adam & Eve” from their new EP, The Nightmare Academy.
The Paper Melody’s Purevolume, Facebook, and Twitter.
For the music videos for “The Nightmare Academy and “Incandescent,” visit their Youtube page or scroll below.

The Paper Melody may be new to the party, but it won’t be long until they’re the life of it. The band has been turning heads and demanding the attention of fans and critics by combining a dream-like experimental taste to their unique brand of heavy hitting rhythms with co-ed vocalist attacks, aptly described as “Tim Burton’s rock band.” The Paper Melody has a huge Internet buzz and social networth (#1 Ranked artist on Purevolume.com) caused organically via word of mouth, with years of regional and national touring to back up the hype. The Paper Melody typically doubles their headline numbers when returning to a market. The Paper Melody recently released their new EP, “The Nightmare Academy,” (produced by Blake Harnage of VersaEmerge) to strong critical acclaim, which led to print features in Alternative Press, Substream, Submerge and more. In an age when overnight internet sessions are an everyday occurrence, its hard to find a band that’s grown organically, the old fashioned way, with non stop touring, and winning kids over one show at a time. The Paper Melody will continue to play every show like their last and treat every fan like their first.

The Paper Melody already has several accolades to their name. Alternative Press named the band an Unsigned Artist To Watch, which is no surprise for the Ernie Ball/Warped Tour Battle Of The Bands Winners. On Purevolume.com, The Paper Melody was once the #1 artist, helping the band self-book several national tours. Now with the MEB Tour, the band plans on heading out to promote their latest EP.


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