Radiohead "Burn the Witch" Pamphlet
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Radiohead Has Deleted Their Entire Online Presence Or How To Disappear Completely

Radiohead has deleted their entire presence off the internet. All pages have been completely wiped of the face the face of the Earth.

Beginning at 17:19 Oxford time started reducing it’s opacity by .5 every 4 minutes. As for 18:18 Oxford time the site now looks like this –

Radiohead website completely white

Radiohead Website Whiteout

18:28 Oxford time – Radiohead’s Twitter completely white (all tweets have been deleted)

Radiohead Twitter page whiteout

Radiohead Twitter Whiteout

18:55 Oxford time – Radiohead’s Facebook page completely white (every post has been deleted)

Radiohead Facebook Whiteout

Radiohead Facebook Whiteout

19:30 Oxford time – Thom Yorke’s Twitter completely white (every tweet has been deleted)

Thom Yorke Twitter Whiteout

Thom Yorke Twitter Whiteout

20:08 Oxford time – Radiohead Google+ completely white (everything deleted)

Radiohead Google+ Whiteout

Radiohead Google+ Whiteout

On October 2, 2000 Radiohead released it’s 4th studio album Kid A.

The fourth track is called “How to Disappear Completely”

Any correlation to today’s events are yet to be determined. Radiohead’s 9th studio album is set to be released any day now. Days ago, some people reported online having recieved pamphlets in the mail from Thom Yorke that said “Burn the Witch”.


21:10 Oxford time – Radiohead Wikipedia page has been spared from the online purge

Radiohead Wikipedia Page

Radiohead Wikipedia Page

[UPDATE] Music video to “Burn The Witch” has just dropped

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