Mind Equals Blown

Mind Equals Blown




  • The Kiffness: Kiff


    To truly understand The Kiffness, you need to understand the title of their album Kiff. The term “kiff” is predominately used by English-speaking South Africans and especially people who, at one with the sea, aren’t afraid to tussle with sharks for control of the beautiful waves that crash against South Africa’s shores – I mean…

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  • Kris Allen: Horizons

    Kris Allen

    I still recall the day when I first heard Kris Allen pull off his tremendous cover of Kanye West’s “Heartless” on American Idol in 2009. Some said it was that one performance that truly solidified his position as a genuine contender on the show, but what the two-minute snippet did for me personally was fire up…

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  • Death Valley Beach Bums Reveals Release Date & Album Cover


    The Scoop: The Death Valley Beach Bums reveal the cover for their album, Baxiz. Which drops on September 3rd. The Spin: DVBB is gearing up to release this 12-song project for free. This is the Gainesville rappers’ official debut album and their first project in almost two years. Tello from the Death Valley clique reached out via e-mail and explained the album concept with a quote:…

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  • Johnny Foreigner Announce Tour Of South Africa


    The Scoop: UK noise-rock outfit Johnny Foreigner are going to be heading to South Africa in October. The Spin: The “Trip Over Timezones” tour will mark the band’s return to South Africa. The band have already had one successful tour of the country in 2010. This time they shall be supported by premiere UK indie-label Alcopop Records.…

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  • Tucker Rule (ex-Thursday) To Play Drums On Tour With Yellowcard

    Yellowcard - Promo

    The Scoop: Pop/rock veterans Yellowcard have announced today that Tucker Rule, formerly of Thursday, will be playing drums on the band’s upcoming tour with Memphis May Fire and Emarosa. We are happy to announce that Tucker Rule, formerly of Thursday, will be joining us on tour! pic.twitter.com/nfsYkCTvXz — Yellowcard (@Yellowcard) August 28, 2014 The Spin: If you…

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  • MEB Discussion: Fall/Winter 2014 Tours

    Yellowcard Memphis May Fire

    The great thing about music is that there will always be differing opinions. No matter what the issue at hand is, there will always be an assortment of views. In the spirit of that, I’d like to introduce MEB Discussion, a new feature where different staffers take part in conversations about various topics in the…

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  • New Medicine: Breaking The Model


    New Medicine are an interesting band sonically. They manage to straddle a gap between Papa Roach, Lostprophets and The Offspring while still injecting their music with a healthy dose of synthesiser. It feels like they’re trying to rise up to fill the void that the demise of Lostprophets left, with their heavy blend of alternative…

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  • Escape the Fate: A Force of Nature

    Escape the Fate

    When Escape the Fate plays, even Mother Nature rocks. During their recent show in Cleveland, the performance was so intense that it caused an earthquake measuring .4 on the Richter Scale! Okay, so maybe there were other reasons for the earthquake, but I believe the music was a contributing factor. The dynamic duo of Kevin…

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