Mind Equals Blown

Mind Equals Blown


  • 5 You Should Know: French Music


    I always feel awe and appreciation for people with eclectic tastes in music (How could someone like both techno AND country??). But oftentimes, I’ve noticed that even the most versatile listeners distance themselves from music from other countries. I don’t know if it’s because unknown languages are intimidating or if it’s because the US does…

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  • Why Music Is My Drug


    Let me just say this outright before I dive into this concept, cliché as it is – I am straight edge. Now, I don’t want to be one of those stuck-up, pretentious jerks who insist it’s the “right way to live your life”; in fact, I’m perfectly fine with people who don’t want to live…

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  • MEB Presents: Criminally Underrated Records From Popular Discographies


    Some of these albums split opinions. Others have been panned by fans and critics alike. What they all have in common, however, is that they come from bands that have hit the big time and built some wildly popular discographies over the years. Perhaps these albums were unfortunate to succeed an effort that is considered a…

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  • My Fictions/The Saddest Landscape: When You Are Close, I Am Gone

    MF-TSL - Promo

    Representing two faces on the Topshelf Records roster of post-hardcore, The Saddest Landscape and My Fictions have brought us a three-course meal of tracks on their new split When You Are Close, I Am Gone. If you’re not already familiar with either band, I’d dare say both bands’ contributions here make for a good place…

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  • The Wicked Release Free Download Of Single “Elevator” Remixed By Ry K Bev


    The Scoop: Gypsy-Pop artist The Wicked never allows a Halloween to pass without a little something special for the kids. This Halloween, they are releasing a version of their single “Elevator” from Never Trust the Dead, remixed by Ry K Bev of Fredricksburg, VA (as his alter ego “Victor Freeze”). Free download available here: https://soundcloud.com/switchbitch-records/the-wicked-elevator-victor…

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  • Protest The Hero: Volition

    PTH - Promo

    It’s been a long time coming for Protest the Hero. I mean, in reality we’re not looking at a band that hasn’t released anything in a substantial amount of years, but following a departure from Vagrant Records and a more-than-successful Indiegogo campaign to support a new LP – you have to hand it to them.…

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  • Sainthood Reps: Headswell

    Sainthood Reps - Promo

    As I sat down and prepared to write a review of Sainthood Reps’ sophomore album, Headswell, I couldn’t help but think about Brand New. I mean, it’s kind of obvious how much Sainthood Reps channels a lot of their vibes — strickening guitar riffs, screamed choruses, nearly-depressing, yet thoroughly comforting lyrics. And it makes sense.…

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  • A Lot Like Birds: No Place


    “The sign above the door says ‘no solicitors’, whereas the vines along the wall scream ‘no visitors at all…’” These are the words that welcome us to the world of No Place, the third full-length record from progressive hardcore Californians A Lot Like Birds. While Conversation Piece, the band’s previous record, was a chaotic and…

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