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  • Say Anything: Hebrews

    Say Anything

    I won’t lie. I was supremely put off by the fact that Hebrews, the sixth proper full-length from Max Bemis’ brainchild Say Anything, would feature not only eighteen guest stars, but also no guitars. It sounded like a mixture that would push initial listeners to immediately sign off. It sounded too “daring” for a punk…

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  • Author Signs with Savage Youth Records

    Author Promo

    The Scoop: Savage Youth Records are excited to announce the signing of indie rock band Author. The four piece group just wrapped up recording their debut full length with Matt Goldman at Glow in The Dark studios which will be released on Vinyl this fall through Savage Youth. The Spin: “The new LP is full of…

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  • Wolfs’ Release New Single “Old Graves”

    Wolfs album art

    The Scoop: Canadian hardcore group Wolfs have released a new single, titled “Old Graves.” This single comes from the band’s debut EP Glory which is due out later this summer through Savage Youth Records. The Spin: You can now pre-order the EP on Vinyl HERE. Make sure to keep up to date with Wolfs’ by following…

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  • Beartooth: Disgusting

    Beartooth - Promo

    It breaks my heart knowing that every time Beartooth releases new material, there is a sizeable group of people who will never bother to check it out due to a deep resentment for vocalist Caleb Shomo’s previous endeavor, Attack Attack!.While I agree that Attack Attack! was mostly an atrocity, I cannot deny the fact that…

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  • The Fault In Our Stars Soundtrack

    The Fault In Our Stars

    So in my review for Grouplove‘s “Let Me In” I had mentioned that I had yet to read the book, but now that I’ve read it…just ‘wow!’ The soundtrack for John Green’s tear-jerker of a novel-turned-film The Fault In Our Stars only adds to the emotion with a majority of the tracks written specifically for the movie. Each track brought…

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  • Glass Ocean – Glass Ocean EP

    Glass Ocean Promo

    Marvin Gaye’s voice was pure sex. “Let’s Get It On”, “How Sweet it is to be Loved by You” and “Sexual Healing” are the kind of songs you play when it’s business time. Coming out of Sydney’s northern beaches, however, are challengers to Gaye’s soulful throne. Glass Ocean is the kind of band that’s hard to describe…

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  • Tigers Jaw: Charmer

    Tigers Jaw-Promo

    The road to Tigers Jaw’s fourth full-length has certainly been an interesting one. The past year has been shrouded in confusion and doubt, mired by uncertainty and miscommunication. But from amid the chorus of “Wait, are they still a band?” rose Charmer, the visceral, brooding swansong of one incarnation of the band and the commencement…

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  • Four Year Strong – “Tread Lightly”

    Four Year Strong - Promo

    In the wake of their epic shutting-up of Scott Heisel, Four Year Strong became the pseudo torch-bearers for a hefty wave of amped up pop-punk bands that were down to sprinkle a little hardcore around (some part of me remembers this being called easycore, but I refuse to use that term in earnest). Another full-length, a…

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