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Voodoo Experience 2015 Picks


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  • Killer Be Killed: Killer Be Killed


    I’m speechless. I don’t even know where to begin with this thing. What’s this thing, you ask? Why, it’s Killer Be Killed, the debut album from metal supergroup Killer Be Killed. Supergroup, I hear you snorting derisively? You’re saying the only decent metal supergroup ever was Nailbomb? You were correct, right up until this glorious…

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  • The Horrors: Luminous


    When The Horrors first made their debut into the music scene with Strange House in 2007; they were given almost hipster-ish labels like gothic rock and horror punk. Back then, hipsters were in fact underground and indie wasn’t as popular as it is today. Indie was still a severely underground genre back then and people…

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  • Marty Friedman (Ex-Megadeth) Releases New Song “Sociopaths”


    The Scoop: Marty Friedman, former lead guitarist of heavy metal legends Megadeth, has unveiled a new song from his upcoming solo album Inferno, titled “Sociopaths. You can stream it via the video below. The track also features David Davidson (Revocation) on vocals, bass, and rhythm guitar. The Spin: If you dig what you hear, you can pre-order Inferno –…

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  • Fine Fine Titans Release Music Video For “Fahrenheit Diaries”

    Fine Fine Titans - Promo

    The Scoop: Post-hardcore outfit Fine Fine Titans have released a new music video via ArtistDirect for their song “Fahrenheit Diaries”. The Spin: “Fahrenheit Diaries” is off their recently released EP Omega which is available on Itunes. The video can be seen on ArtistDirect’s site or it can be seen below. The Question: What did you think of the song and video? Let…

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  • Linkin Park Release Lyric Video For “Until It’s Gone”


    The Scoop: Linkin Park release a lyric video for their new single “Until It’s Gone” The Spin: This is their second single off their upcoming album The Hunting Party which is being released on June 17. Aside from their 2004 EP Collision Course, on which they collaborated with rapper Jay-Z, Linkin Park has never worked on studio recordings with other artists. According…

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  • Memphis May Fire Vocalist Matty Mullins To Start Side Project


    The Scoop: Memphis May Fire vocalist Matty Mullins will be starting a side project to be titled “Matty Mullins” while on break from tour. The Spin: The project will consist of pop-influenced worship songs about Matty’s relationship with Jesus. It will be recorded in his home studio in Nashville, TN. You can read more about…

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  • MEB Ranks: Favorite Live Show

    MEB Ranks Favorite Live Show

    There is one thing that will forever differentiate the real music fans, from the fakers (posers, what-have-you) – and that is their undying love for their favorite band’s live shows. Honestly, is there any feeling that really compares to the incredible euphoria that presents itself to your mind while making your way through the sweaty…

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  • Interview: Memphis May Fire

    memphis may fire - promo

    MEB staffer Rebecca Kravetz recently caught up with vocalist Matty Mullins of metalcore band Memphis May Fire at Monster Energy’s Welcome to Rockville music festival. They discussed some of the personal struggles Matty hoped to express through the band’s new album Unconditional, future music videos and tours, and a new pop-influenced side project to be…

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