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  • of Montreal: Lousy With Sylvianbriar

    of Montreal - Promo

    I was recently reading an interview on Pitchfork.com in which the journalist interviews up-and-coming rapper Earl Sweatshirt. In said interview, Sweatshirt is asked about his personal material and how he can relate to his fans. He answers with this: “Even if my specific situation isn’t similar to most people’s, you relate to shit when you…

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  • Icon For Hire: Icon For Hire

    Icon For Hire Promo

    I’d literally never heard of Icon for Hire before today. I doubt many people have, though, judging by the confused expression you had on your face when you clicked on this link out of a unique blend of boredom and morbid curiosity. Having said that, they did release an album in 2011 that hit the…

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  • Interview: Forever Came Calling


    On the opening night of their tour supporting pop-punk up and comers Real Friends, with additional support from Mixtapes and Pentimento, vocalist/guitarst Joseph Candelaria of the Twentynine Palms, CA, pop-punk quartet Forever Came Calling spoke with Mind Equals Blown about their current tour and their summer on Warped Tour, as well as look ahead at new material for 2014. MEB:…

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  • Forever Came Calling, Family Thief Announce Split EP; FCC Premieres New Song “Endangered Innocence”

    "No Room For Rockstars" Official World Premiere Screening And After-Party

    The Scoop: Pop punk outfits Forever Came Calling and Family Thief have announced that they will be releasing a brand new acoustic split EP on November 19th via Pure Noise Records. FCC is currently premiering a brand new song off the release titled “Endangered Innocence” via our friends over at AbsolutePunk. You can check out the new track here, or…

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  • Chvrches: The Bones Of What You Believe


    I like to think of myself as a fan of many different genres of music. I like to think that I have an eclectic taste that casts a broad net on the music world. I like to think that, but in reality, I mostly just listen to pop-punk and 2 Chainz, but I’m slowly working on…

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  • 3 Of The Week: 10/10/13

    3 Of The Week - 10-10-13

    I like music that has a lot of heart and conviction about it. My opinion is that, to truly write music and be a musician, you need to put a piece of yourself out there. That vulnerability is what’s appealing, and it adds an emotional connection to what you’re trying to impart. Bearing that in…

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  • A Day To Remember: Common Courtesy

    A Day To Remember - Promo

    Lawsuits and delays aside, A Day to Remember’s infinitely hyped fifth record has finally arrived. For a band that mixes pop-punk and metalcore (creating the so-called genre of ‘popcore’), the Ocala, Florida natives are at the peak of their game. They hone their craft especially well on this release, and they provide both some of…

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  • Saviour: First Light To My Death Bed

    Saviour Promo

    So in America, metalcore generally means breakdowns dripping with synth and a dude who can hit notes that Hayley Williams couldn’t reach without a ladder. In Australia, metalcore generally means the same as the American scene did seven years ago. It’s a far more straightforward, stripped-back metalcore that relies heavily on guitar-drive melodies and powerful…

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