Mind Equals Blown

Mind Equals Blown


  • Nick Jonas: Nick Jonas


    We all know and remember Nick Jonas as the heartthrob and youngest member of brother-boy band the Jonas Brothers, the trio that rocked the late 2000s and stole the hearts of millions of teenage girls. Now, after their music and presence faded out of the picture, Nick Jonas is back at it again and has…

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  • Interview: Break of Reality

    Break of Reality

    MEB staffer Rebecca Kravetz recently met up with Ivan Trevino, Meta Weis, Adrian Daurov, and Patrick Laird of the cellist rock group Break of Reality. They discussed their acceptance as a rock band after being classically trained at a NY conservatory, the future of streaming as young musicians (they support T-Swift!), and going on a…

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  • Interview: Sam Poggioli of Sampology


    Editor Maria Gironas’ CMJ 2014 was one to remember as she had the chance to sit down and talk with Australian visual DJ Sam Poggioli, better known as Sampology. It was refreshing to talk to someone with such a “matter-of-fact” attitude, and extremely humble at that. Enjoy the interview below and be sure to check…

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  • This Century: Back on the Road

    This Century

    The wait is over! This Century is back on tour with The Long & Winding Roadshow and will be performing old favorites and exciting new songs to audiences across the nation. The music of Joel Kanitz (vocals), Sean Silverman (guitar/vocals), and Ryan Gose (drums) reverberates with honest, emotional lyrics set to provocative melodies. Each song…

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  • Rise Against ______________.

    Rise Against 2013

        On a crisp, clear Autumn evening, Rise Against took the stage at Jacob’s Pavilion in Cleveland like a steamroller on a deadline. Tim Mc Illwrath (vocals/guitar), Zach Blair (guitar), Joe Principe (bass/Backing vocals), and Brandon Barnes (drums) matched the energy in the crowd, responding through the driving force of their music. Crowd surfing…

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  • Pianos Become The Future: Punk Rock and Post-Rock in a Post-Influenced Society

    Pianos Become the Teeth 2014

    It’s obvious if you know me that I like sad music a lot. There’s something to be said about songs that make you second-guess the commonplace effects of happiness. The whole “it takes more muscles to frown than to smile” makes me admire the hardworking DIY feel and common darkness found in emo, punk, and…

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  • Nick Santino: The New Traveling Troubadour

    Nick Santino

    Singer-songwriter, Nick Santino, is on the road again, bringing his extraordinary stories to life in all-acoustic shows across the country. His full-length album, Big Skies, portrays experiences of the modern day troubadour Santino has become. With note-perfect vocals and changing tempos in each song, this album is undeniably the music of our lives. Music is…

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  • The Jazz June: After The Earthquake

    The Jazz June promo

    It has been 12 years since The Jazz June has released an album, and in those twelve years their influence on the underground indie and emo scene has not been given enough credit. The band formed in 1996, a few years ahead of the early 2000’s wave of emo bands, and broke up in 2004…

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