Mind Equals Blown

Mind Equals Blown


  • Nick Santino: The New Traveling Troubadour

    Nick Santino

    Singer-songwriter, Nick Santino, is on the road again, bringing his extraordinary stories to life in all-acoustic shows across the country. His full-length album, Big Skies, portrays experiences of the modern day troubadour Santino has become. With note-perfect vocals and changing tempos in each song, this album is undeniably the music of our lives. Music is…

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  • The Jazz June: After The Earthquake

    The Jazz June promo

    It has been 12 years since The Jazz June has released an album, and in those twelve years their influence on the underground indie and emo scene has not been given enough credit. The band formed in 1996, a few years ahead of the early 2000’s wave of emo bands, and broke up in 2004…

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  • Fans Say the Darndest Things


    Social media has given music lovers a platform to connect with their favorite musicians and other fans. It has also given rise to a form of unfiltered freedom of speech that can be good, bad, or downright frightening. Twitter is a public forum. Emarosa front man Bradley Scott Walden has a tagline on Twitter that…

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  • Act As If: Steady

    Act As If Promo

    Have you always wondered what band those catchy songs come from during the transition to commercial breaks on shows like Pretty Little Liars or Teen Mom? If you haven’t whipped out your Shazam app, it’s most likely from LA indie-pop group Act As If and their debut album, Steady. There’s always that poignant track during…

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  • Machine Head: Bloodstone & Diamonds

    machine_head promo

    After an awesome thrash debut with Burn My Eyes, Machine Head had this awkward phase where they went nu-metal because, well, everyone else was doing it. Thankfully, they pulled their heads out of their butts and came back with three great albums, one of which was an absolute game changer that confirmed Machine Head’s dominant force in…

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  • The Plastics Release New Single

    All I Really Want Promo

    The Scoop: South African indie rock quartet The Plastics have released their new single “All I Really Want”. The Spin: The song was premiered on Indie Shuffle last night and was quickly met with positive fan reactions. The song sees the band dabbling in a familiar sound for fans of the Arctic Monkeys. Psych rock influences cling to…

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  • Goodluck Releases New Single “The Storm”


    The Scoop: Cape Town electro-swing outfit Goodluck have released their new single “The Storm”. The Spin: After spending several weeks of agonising over vocals, lyrics and differences in 1 BPM speeds, one of the most formidable names in the Cape Town dance scene have finally released their new single. The agonizing over such intricate details have paid…

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  • Youth in Revolt: A Musical Connection

    Youth In Revolt - Promo

    Hailing from New Jersey, Youth In Revolt is bringing a bold, new sound in post-hardcore metal music to audiences across the nation. The members, True Arahill (vocals), Kenny Torres (vocals/bass), George Shrouder (guitar), Alex Ramos (guitar), and Scott Baker (drums), have created music that engages listeners with amazing vocal ranges, compelling unclean vocals, and ever-changing…

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