Mind Equals Blown

Mind Equals Blown


  • Slipknot: .5: The Gray Chapter


    As I sit and write this review, I’m still in shock; in shock that 5: The Gray Chapter even happened in the first place. Slipknot, as a band, has gone through some rather tumultuous times losing late bassist Paul Gray to a tragic and sudden death and drummer Joey Jordison‘s departure in 2013. After the…

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  • Nominee: I Woke Up


    If there was ever a current band that reflects just what my childhood sounded like, and by childhood I mean when I was 12, it would be Nominee. To put it into simple terms: Nominee’s I Woke Up sounds like Jimmy Eat World’s Invented meets Anberlin’s Cities meets Taking Back Sunday’s Tell All Your Friends…

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  • You + Me: rose ave.

    You + Me, aka Alecia 'Pink' Moore and Dallas Green

    Duet albums tend to be a mixed bag. There is either a style compromise on behalf of one artist to compensate for the other collaborator or it’s just oil and water entirely. Rose Ave., the offering from Alecia Moore (P!nk) and Alexisonfire/City and Colour frontman Dallas Green sounds very natural and inviting. I can definitely picture…

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  • Alive Like Me Only Forever

    alive like me

    Fresh off of the 2014 Van’s Warped Tour with only one song released publicly, Alive Like Me has got loads of potential to be the next big thing. They’ve got the instrumental talent. They’ve got attention-commanding vocals from frontman Jairus Kersey. They’ve got anthem-like and positive lyrics that could have been penned from bands that have been in the…

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  • Pompeii: Loom


    Any band that comes back from a five-year hiatus needs to make their entrance worthwhile, and indie rock band Pompeii does so strikingly. Their third record Loom is not an album that makes you want to skip around and listen to the catchy tracks, but one that you can experience as a whole, as each track…

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  • Fozzy: Keep Moving Forward


    Heavy metal band, Fozzy, are doing what they always dreamed about as children: making music. Chris Jericho (Vocals), Rich Ward (Guitar/Vocals), Frank Fontsere (Drums), Jeff Rouse (Bass), and Billy Grey (Guitar) believe that playing their original songs in front of a live audience is the best part of being a musician. With limited options in…

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  • Interview: Jon Kohen

    jon kohen

    In July I played a show in the extremely sweaty upstairs of the Kung Fu Necktie in Philadelphia with a young man from Lowell, Massachusetts named Jon Kohen. He’s a fantastic musician who blends his acoustic guitar with his world percussion and electronic samples. I had the chance to chat with him about his EP,…

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  • Dads: I’ll Be The Tornado


    As artists get older and more experienced they learn to harness the moments that define their vision. This harnessed creative potential results in expressive cohesion, and ultimately produces albums that convey more than just a collection of experiences. Releases with singular, purposeful focuses aren’t particularly common, but hints of them can be found scattered elsewhere.…

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