Staff Picks – May 2015


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  • Emery: You Were Never Alone


    Following the release of their last record, We Do What We Want, Emery’s future was all but unknown. Founding member Devon Shelton announced his hiatus from the band shortly after the album’s announcement, Matt Carter and Toby Morrell took their time away in the form of their acoustic venture Matt & Toby, and in 2013…

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  • Single Review: Bullet For My Valentine – “No Way Out”


    It’s always a tough situation when you lose a long time member of a band. In the beginning of recording Venon, Bullet For My Valentine parted ways with their long time bassist, Jason James. I’m not exactly sure how that fit into the scheme of the band’s first single from their upcoming record, “No Way…

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  • Full Circle Tour @ Best Buy Theater

    Of Mice & Men

    I’m actually going to deviate from the script a tad bit and tell you a story. We’ll get back to the conventional concert story-teller rhetoric in a minute. During the intermission before Of Mice & Men were due to play, I walked out and met a young fan who was sitting near the entrance by…

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  • MEB Featured Review: Soda Fabric: Atlantis

    Soda Fabric

    It’s interesting to listen to music that originates from other places and to know that there are similar sounds from the country that you originate from. We have a band that hails from Berlin, Germany named Soda Fabric with their own take on the growing shoegaze genre. I’ve traveled down the rabbit hole of the…

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  • Twenty One Pilots: Blurryface


    Blurryface is a very dizzying and ambitious album. Sure, they could have taken the safe route here and went with Vessel: Part Deux, but why? There are many adjectives that I can use to describe the fourteen-track sophomore offering from Twenty One Pilots, but like the music that is within the album, I would be…

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  • Justin Symbol: Duality in Vision and Sound

    symbol 3

    There is a lot to learn about music for alternative rocker Justin Symbol. As a self-taught artist, his education continues with each person he works with. Touring with bandmate Will (drums), as well as Nox Cult members Soda (guitar) and Fox (bass), he has had the opportunity to incorporate their influences into the music he…

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  • Show Recap: Crown the Empire @ The Altar Bar

    Crown The Empire - Promo

    A day off usually means rest and relaxation, but to Dallas rockers Crown the Empire, it was the chance to headline a special engagement for a hometown crowd. Brent Taddie (drums) is originally from Pittsburgh and brought bandmates Andy Leo (vocals), David Escamilla (vocals), Brandon Hoover (guitar), Benn Suede (lead guitar), and Hayden Tree (bass) home…

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  • Interview: Meet Me In Montauk

    Meet Me In Montauk

    MEB staff writer/photographer M.J. Rawls briefly spoke to Fresno, California band Meet Me In Montauk to touch on their history, their recently released album Where The Grass Meets The Pavement and future plans for 2015. MEB: How did you guys all find each other to start up Meet Me In Montauk? MMIM: Our two vocalists…

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