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  • Malefice: Gravitas

    Malefice 2014 Promo

    I love a frontman that can scream in their native accent. Ben Louttit does it, Rou Reynolds does it, and Dale Butler does it. For that reason, I’m onside with Malefice’s new EP, Gravitas. This EP is not one of those “we’re a new band, please like us” EPs, or even one of those “we’ve…

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  • MEB Podcast Episode 3

    MEB Logo

    Welcome to episode 3 of the Mind Equals Blown Podcast! This week, fellow staffer Craig Roxburgh joins Nick and MJ to discuss a variety of topics, including the new Foo Fighters record, T-Swift vs Spotify, Fight Off Your Demons, and more! Give it a listen and let us know what you think!

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  • YG Reveals “Blame It on the Streets” Short Film and Soundtrack

    Courtesy of Complex.com

    The Scoop: YG announced the release date for his first ever short film Blame It on The Streets and accompanying soundtrack. The duel project is set to be released on December 15. The soundtrack includes features from West Coast legends such as DJ Quick, Mack 10, six new songs, two remixes and a live version of “BPT” from…

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  • Kid Runner: Wake Up Now


    There have been many bands that have had a song included in a video game such as Madden, or in Kid Runner‘s case, “Move” being picked up by ESPN, exposing themselves to a bigger audience. Those are the types of songs that get stuck in your head without warning. You’ll be walking in a grocery…

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  • PVRIS: White Smoke


    Once in a while, there comes a band that seemingly comes out of nowhere and impresses you. Rise Records is a label that is known for signing metalcore bands like Silverstein and Of Mice and Men. At Warped Tour, I got to check out a three-piece band from Massachusetts that was a hybrid of electronic…

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  • Interview: Tyler Carter, Lead Singer of Issues


    2014 has been quite the year for Issues. After touring the world with big names in the heavy music scene right now, they have gained a rapidly-growing fan base and exposure to the world at incredible measures. On top of touring all over the place, the band dropped their debut self-titled album, introducing their unique…

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  • Magnets and Ghosts: Be Born

    Magnets and Ghosts Promo

    I’ve listened to the new Magnets and Ghosts EP, Be Born, ten times according to the play count on iTunes and I am still unable to come to terms with the fact that Magnets and Ghosts is in fact a duo consisting of Dean Roland (of Collective Soul fame) and Ryan Potesta. Somehow these two men…

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  • Major League: There’s Nothing Wrong With Me


    Never underestimate the power of a producer. One of the hottest names in the alternative/punk scene, Will Yip is a producer by title, but his contributions have done wonders for the artists he has worked with. Artists like Balance and Composure, The Wonder Years, and Title Fight all have Yip to thank for where they…

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