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Mind Equals Blown




  • Braid: No Coast

    Braid - Promo

    Remember how everybody lost their minds over the emo revival? Once upon a time, Pitchfork positively reviewed an “emo” record. People were overjoyed, taking to the streets and knocking neighbors’ doors sharing the good news: emo is back! Meanwhile, some folks upstairs shouted down from their windows to the parade, “emo never went anywhere, you…

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  • Jack Parow premieres music video for “Ode To You”

    Jack parow - Promo

    The Scoop: South African rapper Jack Parow has release the music video for his song “Ode To You” which features Nonku. The Spin: The song itself is a solemn yet upbeat salute to the everyday working man. Parow pays homeage to all sorts of workers, from the menial street cleaner to the person sitting behind a desk…

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  • Retro Review: Various Artists – Garden State Soundtrack


    Everyone loves Zach Braff. Ever since he took the small screen by storm with his quirky antics on Scrubs, Braff has managed to maintain his relevance and cool-boy swagger throughout his career. His crowning achievement, however, is not as an actor, writer or director. In fact, Zach Braff may best be remembered for his mixtape…

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  • Dirty Loops: Loopified

    Dirty Loops Promo

    I’ve been trying to find the words to classify Loopified. Yes, I have heard fusion pop, but I had to define it for my own listening experience. It’s been an interesting listen and a definite departure from the Top 40 pop songs I’m used to clouding up (or clogging) the radio. No Flo-Rida fans were…

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  • Frnkiero andthe Cellabration: Stomachaches


    After the iconic rock and roll run of My Chemical Romance’s career came to a sad end, fans were anxious to see where the talented members would go to next. As for ex-guitarist Frank Iero, he is the first to get back in the recording studio and bang out an unforgettable solo debut. Frnkiero andthe…

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  • Sleeping Giant: Finished People

    Sleeping Giant - Promo

    Before I got into heavy music, I had no idea something like “hardcore worship” existed. But with their guitar chugs, searing vocal attack, and God-praising lyrics, Sleeping Giant ended up being a match made in heaven for an angsty Christian teen like myself. Like their contemporaries on spiritual radio stations, however, there’s always the big…

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  • Steady Hands: Brandy of the Damned


    In 2012, Sean Huber, best known as the drummer of Modern Baseball, put together a little solo project called Steady Hands. This project served as a raw and honest outlet for Huber, who played with nothing more than an acoustic guitar. Two years later, his main band has gained a devoted and growing national following,…

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  • Pipe Dream: Visionaries in Rock

    Pipe Dream - Promo

    It is all about the music for Cleveland rockers Pipe Dream. Members Jack Ellis, Spencer Hendricks, Ross Newbauer, and Sam Welch use their collective talents to present a sound that changes with each song, because they change positions and instruments on each song. Diversity pays off. The stage show is mesmerizing as the artists move…

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