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Top 10 Songs About Breakfast

All else being equal, breakfast and music rank top 5 in the reasons to live category. As a result, pretty much everyone has a song about or related ...

On May 30, 2016 / By


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    Tiny Moving Parts: Celebrate

    For a band that routinely delves into topics like anxiety, self-esteem, and social ineptitude, Tiny Moving Parts never seem to care too much about what anyone thinks of ...

    On May 25, 2016 / By
  • white lung-paradise
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    White Lung: Paradise

    Not that it’s unbelievable, but punk-rock can still bring it. White Lung cuts loose as prescribed by their 3 former full-length releases. The first 2 tracks of Paradise bring a familiar, untamed ...

    On May 25, 2016 / By
  • Angel Du$t - Rock the Fuck on Forever
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    Angel Du$t: Rock the Fuck on Forever

    As someone who recently ventured backward into ‘80s and ‘90s punk, it’s always invigorating to find a contemporary band who successfully pays homage to such golden decades of the ...

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    Interview: Miesa

    MEB writer/photographer M.J. Rawls recently caught up with r&b/pop singer Miesa who Tidal has called one of “tomorrow’s biggest names.” They briefly discuss her musical upbringing, her singles, ...

    On May 26, 2016 / By
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    Say Anything @ The Starland Ballroom

    MEB writer Kristyn Shannon got to chat with Max Bemis of Say Anything about their new album I Don’t Think It Is, Max’s best friend Josh being his inspiration (who Kristyn had ...

    On May 23, 2016 / By
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    INTERVIEW: Froomador

    Singer-songwriter Ryan Froom is a musician with a message. On his debut full-length, Froom, under the alias Froomador,  tackles topics of love and life’s struggles, but also intensifies ...

    On May 16, 2016 / By

This Week’s MEB Podcast

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    MEB Podcast: Episode 49 – I Want To Throw Up Snakes

    Welcome back to the Mind Equals Blown Podcast! Brand New did stuff, so you know the MEB squad had to cover it. Nick and Tim talk “I Am A Nightmare”, the band’s album roll-out, the upcoming(?) record, and the band’s future. They also hit on The Hotelier’s new record, Goodness, plus Tim talks about getting into Motion City Soundtrack at their farewell ...

    On May 26, 2016 / By