Staff Picks – March 2015


  • Nick Greer: Stories Told in Time

    nick greer

    Time was not always a blessing to Nick Greer, who spent his childhood battling asthma. However, the funk/soul/hip hop/R&B musician made the most of it by becoming a rising star in the Texas music scene. Hours of writing stories and poetry developed into musical storytelling when he got a keyboard for Christmas. He instantly loved…

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  • Diamond Rugs: Cosmetics


    There are many qualities that make a certain sound or style spectacular, and one of my favorites is its level of fun. Indie rock group Diamond Rugs certainly hits the nail on the head with this factor on their new album Cosmetics. For just a sophomore album, Diamond Rugs take advantage of the flexibility in…

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  • Blurred Lines? The Impending Price Of Inspiration


    Let me set you up with a quick scenario. You have a band that is recording a single or an album. Deep into the recording process, you start tapping into the influences that made you a musician in the first place. Notice there that I said influences. Perhaps it was that Eddie Van Halen riff…

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  • Frank Iero Shows New Video For “She’s The Prettiest Girl…”

    Frank Iero Promo

      The Scoop: Ex-My Chemical Romance guitarist Frank Iero and his band, frnkiero andthe cellabration has put out the new video for “She’s The Prettiest Girl At The Party, And She Can Prove It With A Solid Right Hook….” This is off the 2014 debut album, Stomachaches. The Spin: Watch the new video here. The…

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  • MEB Exclusive: Diamond Construct Premiere New Single “Unplugged”

    Diamond Construct

    Australia. The home of Koala bears, quokkas, and entire populations of animals whose main goals in life are to try and kill you. It is also home to the largest export system of metal. It is so large that it is actually referred to as auscore – that is when you know you have a booming musical…

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  • Louder Than Quiet: Forging a New Sound

    Louder than Quiet

    From Baltimore, Maryland, Ali Rezghi (guitar/vocals), Dominic Buie (bass/vocals), Anthony Alexander (drums/vocals), Danny Seay (guitar/vocals), and Urico Schuler (vocals) are finding that discovering a new sound in metal music is not as easy as it sounds. In fact, it has been an uphill battle at times. For Louder Than Quiet, a melodic metalcore band, the…

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  • Muse Announces Drones, Stream “Psycho”


      The Scoop: Well, Muse is back! They have announced the new album, Drones will be out on June 8th. They are also streaming a new song, “Psycho”. The Spin: Check out the song below. The Question: What do you think of the new song? Let us know in the comments below! Have some news…

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  • Interview: Autumn In June


    Reigning in Los Angeles, California, electro-indie artist Autumn In June is beginning to break out in the music scene, vastly sharing his unique sound and style. MEB editor Emma Guido was gratefully given the chance to ask the blossoming musician a few questions about his eventful career. Read below to learn more about Autumn In June’s…

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