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  • Dirty Loops: Loopified

    Dirty Loops Promo

    I’ve been trying to find the words to classify Loopified. Yes, I have heard fusion pop, but I had to define it for my own listening experience. It’s been an interesting listen and a definite departure from the Top 40 pop songs I’m used to clouding up (or clogging) the radio. No Flo-Rida fans were…

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  • Frnkiero andthe Cellabration: Stomachaches


    After the iconic rock and roll run of My Chemical Romance’s career came to a sad end, fans were anxious to see where the talented members would go to next. As for ex-guitarist Frank Iero, he is the first to get back in the recording studio and bang out an unforgettable solo debut. Frnkiero andthe…

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  • Sleeping Giant: Finished People

    Sleeping Giant - Promo

    Before I got into heavy music, I had no idea something like “hardcore worship” existed. But with their guitar chugs, searing vocal attack, and God-praising lyrics, Sleeping Giant ended up being a match made in heaven for an angsty Christian teen like myself. Like their contemporaries on spiritual radio stations, however, there’s always the big…

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  • Steady Hands: Brandy of the Damned


    In 2012, Sean Huber, best known as the drummer of Modern Baseball, put together a little solo project called Steady Hands. This project served as a raw and honest outlet for Huber, who played with nothing more than an acoustic guitar. Two years later, his main band has gained a devoted and growing national following,…

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  • Pipe Dream: Visionaries in Rock

    Pipe Dream - Promo

    It is all about the music for Cleveland rockers Pipe Dream. Members Jack Ellis, Spencer Hendricks, Ross Newbauer, and Sam Welch use their collective talents to present a sound that changes with each song, because they change positions and instruments on each song. Diversity pays off. The stage show is mesmerizing as the artists move…

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  • PushFire To Open For Emery In Rochester, NY


    The Scoop:  Post-Rockers PushFire have announced a show in Rochester, NY opening for Norma Jean and Emery. The Spin: Show information and Facebook event is listed below: Norma Jean Emery Night Verses Artifex Pereo This Is Home PushFire September 29th, 2014 The California Brew Haus 402 Ridge Road West Rochester NY $20/$22 18+ w/ ID…

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  • Interview: Marie Miller

    MM - K6B7877

    MEB Editor Maria Gironas got a chance to ask some questions to singer-songwriter Marie Miller. Check out the interview below! Describe yourself in 10 words! Marie Miller:A believer that each person deserves to be unconditionally loved What’s your earliest music memory? MM: Playing a song called “I like dogs” on the piano about age five.…

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  • Jordan JAE Releases Music Video for “Makin’ Me Crazy”

    Jordan JAE

    The Scoop:  Fifteen year-old singer-songwriter Jordan JAE has released a new music video for her second single “Makin’ Me Crazy”. The Spin: The song itself has an incredibly dancey feel to it while promoting a message of being confident in who you are. The video, which can be viewed below, is just as fun as the song itself. Jordan…

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