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  • Continent: Wasteland EP


    Brand new deathcore outfit, Continent, have made quite the powerful entrance with their debut EP Wasteland. These Ontario natives are here to bring the roots of heavy music back with their dark and classic style. Like any new band, their first EP is just the start of what is to come and the time to…

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  • Wild Party’s Phantom Pop

    Wild Party

    Sometimes we have days where just need a good ‘ol dose of ‘happy music’ and Wild Party is more than willing to fulfill that role. The San Antonio, Texas quartet bottles up all the things that make you smile in life in their debut album Phantom Pop and it is without a doubt a huge stepping…

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  • E.Y.E. (Empty Yard Experiment) – Kallisti

    eye - promo

    Apparently Tool are unable to make any music because they’re getting sued. That’s really annoying. So, since Karnivool managed to fool everyone into thinking Asymmetry was an avant-garde masterpiece and not a confused, muddled, self indulgent mess that somehow won every award at the 2013 ARIAs (Amity got robbed…), who then will step into the…

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  • MEB Podcast: Episode 1- Fall Releases

    MEB Logo

    Welcome to episode #1 of the Mind Equals Blown Podcast! This week, Nick, Connor, and MJ discuss some highly anticipated records coming out this fall. Check it out and let us know your thoughts! Enjoy!

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  • The Coast Release Their Debut EP


    The Scoop: The Coast have released their debut EP All This Time. The Spin: The Coast recorded the EP in Hout Bay, a coastal town just outside of Cape Town, with the help of Yanick Bathfield of 7th Son and Grassy Spark (read our review of Grassy Spark’s debut EP here). This particular EP was their…

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  • OK Go: Hungry Ghosts

    OK GO Promo

    OK Go has always been a unique band. With each album they have somehow managed to redefine entire genres without even batting a single eyelash and they do it in such a way that seems so accidental and casual that they don’t seem like pretentious hipsters. They’re just one of those bands whose sound seemed…

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  • Balance and Composure @ Paradise Rock Club Boston


    Creepoid kicked off the show with a set that waxed and waned, sludged and shoegazed, ultimately coalescing in a dense wall of sound that left drums and guitars discarded on the stage. They bantered early on in their set that they were on a 78 show run, but appeared to be as alive and ready…

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  • Alex & Sierra: It’s About Us


    I’ll admit that when I first heard of the duo on the singing competition show X Factor I was a little biased, but power couple Alex & Sierra soon won my hearts. I say that I was biased because Alex Kinsey and Sierra Deaton, the people behind the beloved pop duo, were students of the University of Central…

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