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Mind Equals Blown




  • The Hell: Groovehammer


    The press release for The Hell’s Groovehammer reads: “You’d better turn it up. Or turn it off. Or get fucked.” This shows that the band could not honestly care if you love them or hate them. They’re just a band that is here to raise hell and create pandemonium. If it was up to them…

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  • Interview: Panama

    Panama Promo

    MEB staffer Murjani Rawls recently had the chance to catch up with Australian electronic upstarts Panama, who have been touring the United States off the strength of their well received EP, Always. Murjani caught up with vocalist/keyboardist Jarrah McCleary about the band’s recent success during their tour, the writing process behind the Always EP, and…

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  • Frnkiero and the Cellabration Release New Single “Joyriding”


    The Scoop: Frnkiero and the Cellabration (Frank Iero, ex-My Chemical Romance) have debuted their new single “Joyriding”, the sixth track from their forthcoming album Stomachaches. You can stream the song below. The Spin: If you like what you hear, you can pre-order Stomachaches via iTunes and get instant downloads of “Joyriding” and first single “Weighted”. The album…

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  • Levi the Poet: The Man Behind The Poems

    levi the poet

    I remember the first time I came across Levi the Poet. I was bored one day scrolling through Facebook when I saw a video with an image of a heavily-tattooed young man screaming into a microphone as the thumbnail. Initially I thought that I had discovered some new metalcore band and was extremely thrilled, so I…

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  • Inside The Industry: Jacklyn Krol (Founder of Stage Right Secrets/Publicist)

    Jacklyn Krol

    MEB Editor Maria Gironas got a chance to interview a music-maven with quite the resume within this industry, Jacklyn Krol. Not only is she a founder of the successful online music site Stage Right Secrets, she is also a publicist, tour manager, editor…well, let’s say A LOT of hats. Above all though, Jacklyn has time…

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  • Rockstar Mayhem Festival @ Susquehanna Bank Center


    A lot of people have stated that rock is losing its muster over the years. That may be true to some amidst hipster glasses and the huge electronic dance boom in America. I think that’s a bit over-dramatic in the sense that festivals like Rockstar Mayhem are still alive in kicking and delivering in its…

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  • Rebuild & Rebound: One Step at a Time

    Rebuild and Rebound - Promo

    Standing in line before a show is one of my favorite parts of any concert, but the best line by far is at Warped Tour. This is the place where new bands trek up and down the line, sharing their music, hoping to build a following and sell enough CDs to get to the next…

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  • Marc Broussard: A Life Worth Living

    marc broussard

    Boasting impressive lengths of versatility over the years, Marc Broussard has delved into more genres than we can take count of – rock, pop, R&B, blues, funk, and even warranting a unique description “Bayou-soul” as some have coined. While past records have shown efforts at appealing to the masses, his latest effort A Life Worth…

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