Mind Equals Blown

Mind Equals Blown


  • Accents – Small Tales


    As we’ve learned time and time again, side projects allow us to learn more about our favorite artists. When artists get the chance to work with different styles, collaborators, even leadership styles, the results can be intriguing to say the least. When TJ Foster of The Cast Before the Break began messing around independent of…

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  • Interview: Gideon

    Gideon - Promo

    Hardcore quintet Gideon has grown into one of the bigger bands of their genre in recent years. With a new release under their belt, they’re currently touring alongside Being As An Ocean and Fit For A King in hopes of spreading their message of hope and strength through hard-edged breakdowns and screams. The title of…

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  • Single Review – Beau Ryan (feat. Justice Crew) – ‘Where You From?’

    beau ryan - promo

    Okay, let’s start with a bit of background. aka this guy Beau Ryan is a former Australian rugby league player. He’s been a regular on the inventively-titled The Footy Show for years, taking the piss out of other players and coming on stage one night completely butt naked. He’s basically just there because he’s a funny…

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  • Neberu Release Music Video For “The Art of Being Lost” (ft. Sushi from Eskimo Callboy)


    The Scoop: German technical metal-core outfit Neberu have released their brand new single and music video “The Art of Being Lost” (ft. Sushi from Eskimo Callboy) The Spin: This is a new offering from the German outfit since their 2013 mini-album Impulsions. “The Art of Being Lost” is a perfect introduction to this exciting young band – claustrophobic, hammering…

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  • Show Review: Life is Beautiful Festival 2014


    How do you stand out in the overcrowded smorgasbord of festivals? I’ve been to many festivals across the country, as I’m sure my bank account can attest to (ouch). Within my various bouts of wanderlust, I always look for a music festival to bring new experiences to the table. Sure, you have a great lineup,…

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  • Calvin Harris: Motion

    Calvin Harris Promo

    If you don’t know who Calvin Harris is by now, then you’ve managed to live your life under a very large rock or you’ve never been anywhere near a radio, the internet or popular culture as a whole in the last eight years. If you have been in hiding for the past eight years and…

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  • Somos / Sorority Noise: Split


    In a matter of months, Somos and Sorority Noise have made their way up the music ladder. The two groups, the latter of which came together within the past year and a half, are hot off two strong debut records and show no sign of slowing down. Somos have recently signed with punk behemoth No…

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  • Black Map: …And We Explode

    Black Map Promo

    I’ve reviewed my fair share of supergroups this year, and I don’t want to use that term too loosely. There were some groups that were able to mold their different influences in a fluid motion and some, not so much. Black Map is comprised of guitarist Mark Engles (Dredg), drummer Chris Robyn (Far), and vocalist/bassist…

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