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Adeste In Parables

Metalcore | Unsigned

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It’s extremely rare for a band to get their sound right on their debut album. It’s even rarer when a band does it while still being unsigned. However, this is exactly what Orlando, Florida metalcore band Adeste has done with their debut album In Parables, which follows the story of a young boy’s departure from home and his quest for truth. Ambitious? Of course. Well executed? Definitely. The biggest surprise of 2010? Without a doubt.

While most outfits simply decide to play it safe with their debuts, Adeste is the type of band who truly takes chances; they have decided to make an album that shows off who they are, and to make it even more admirable, they opted to make it a concept record. However, when a band is that ambitious, the chances of failure are pretty high. Luckily this isn’t the case; the band creates a sound of their own while still staying within their genre, and you see In Parables consists of beautiful pianos, technical instrumentation, and soothing vocals that clash with the intensity of screams. However, to truly understand the beauty of In Parables, one must give a close listen and enjoy this tale in album form.

The album begins with the beautiful instrumental intro “Dawning”, which features a melody that will resurface several times throughout the album. The real action then begins with “Foundation”, which features fast guitar work from guitarists Morgan Hopfensperge and Marco Randazzo, and the dueling vocals of frontman Nathan Puhr, Hopfensperge, and Randazzo. The song also brings in the most unique aspect of the band, keyboardist Brian Waters, who provides the beautiful backgrounds of the record (think Underoath with The Receiving End of Sirens playing in the background).

The album gets even better as it goes along. “Seeking” is one of the best songs released in this genre in a long time (very reminiscent of Sky Eats Airplane’s best moments), while “Numbers” gives us some more interesting guitar parts, and “Departure”, probably the catchiest song on In Parables, shines due to its skilful programming. Halfway through In Parables, we are given a breather in the form of interlude “Stasis”. The second half of the record begins with the album’s two heaviest songs, “Waking” and “Structures”. They are followed by one of the best tracks on the album, “Mourning”, which features guest female vocals from Sara Nix (a close friend of the band). Everything culminates with the gorgeous closer “Retribution”, which ends the album by reciting lyrics from previous songs and finally finishes with the same melody that began the album, bringing it all together full circle.

In Parables is one of the year’s best albums and by far one of the most ambitious. It’s no surprise the band took three years to come out with a debut, because what they had under their sleeves was something that most signed bands of their genre can never even fathom achieving.  Adeste is the type of band who isn’t complacent with simply writing songs you can mosh to or tracks that will get you to sing along. They are the type of band who wants to create a full experience. From the musicianship to the vocals to the story to the beautiful artwork, Adeste has created a complete record, something that most bands in the scene can’t say they’ve ever done. With In Parables, Adeste has catapulted to the top of my list of bands to watch out for, because with a record this wonderful, it’s pretty obvious that this Orlando band won’t stay unknown for long.

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