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Iron Chic Not Like This

Punk | Dead Broke Rekerds

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Written by guest writer Sarah Goodwin

The best thing about Not Like This is that Iron Chic is not pretentious (well, I appreciate that and the album art). They know their genre and are smart about it. Sonically, each song drives forward without missing a propelling eighth note, placed beneath the swelling melody (vocals). This album will translate perfectly live for the kids that will see them.

Musically, I can listen to this entire record without feeling as if a half hour has passed, yet it is still memorable. I was tempted to start a metronome at the beginning of “Cutesy Monster Man” and let it continue the entire record, but despite the strikingly similar spirited tempo, the songs aren’t monotonous, which is impressive. Each has a slight peak, bottoms out, and the guitars are playful enough to put a slight grin on my face – see “I Always Never Said That.”

Lyrically, every song is laden with a youthful resentment, yet the generation that it resonates with has not had time to grow bitter. This paradox yields some genius lines – “I sold my soul; now I age but don’t get old, and to this day it’s the best deal I ever made” (“Cutesy Monster Man”), “If there’s a god he hates us, does what he can to see us fail, but were not superstitious, so we don’t fucking care” (“Bustin’ (Makes Me Feel Good)”).

So here’s some knowledge for the curious.

Iron Chic hails from New York City, has members of Latterman, Small Arms Dealer and others. Not Like This is their debut LP, put out by Dead Broke Records, following their 2008 demo (“Timecop” and “In One Ear” were rerecorded for this release) and the Shitty Rambo EP put out in late 2009. The two New York record release shows in early September are going to be amazing. So if you’re anywhere near the northeast, make the journey. If not, keep an eye out for their subsequent tour dates and remember that they’ll be in Gainesville for the infestation during Halloween weekend.

Support Iron Chic’s DIY efforts. Listen/purchase/download any of their music here:


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