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Hundredth - Promo Hundredth - Revolt

Hundredth "Ruin"

Hardcore | Mediaskare Records

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Hundredth is a band that I’ve always enjoyed and respected, but never really been a huge fan of. I’ve sat through their sets and nodded my head accordingly, but for some reason nothing has really stuck in the sense that Stick to Your Guns or even Stray From the Path has. Mind you, those are three different bands, but they often get lumped together for various reasons. However, the title track from the first half of a double EP, “Ruin” has surfaced in anticipation for the release of Revolt. And to be quite honest – this might be the track that changes my mind about how much I dig this band.

“Ruin” has a fairly aggressive, off-kilter edge that steeps in dissonance and frenzied hardcore with equal liking. This is a track that reminds me of Norma Jean a little bit, STYG a touch and really just doesn’t slide the band’s message comfortably across the table – it smashes it in your face via huge, sweeping chords and some pretty ripe lyrical imagery propelled by Chad Johnson’s desperate shouts. After going back to listening to some of the band’s previous work, the uplifting melodies and semi-hooking moments are certainly not as apparent here, but in place is pure emotion and much more gripping instrumentals – a surefire way to rekindle the fire of their fan base.

Whether you dig their previous work or you’re looking for this band to turn the page on something new, “Ruin” is anything but a disappointment. It is razor sharp and unapologetic, and makes the band’s double EP release something to watch out for in 2013.

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