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Glass Cloud "White Flag"

Metal/Hardcore | Equal Vision Records

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It’s been quite some time since we heard new tunes from Hawk Scream Jerry Roush. In the last three years, the only recorded offering from the former-Sky Eats Airplane vocalist was from his stint in Of Mice & Men, a cover on the now laughably-bad Punk Goes Pop series. Fortunately for everyone, Roush isn’t great at staying quiet, following up his ridiculous discharge from OM&M by forming a new band full of aburdly talented musicians. Boasting Berklee College of Music grads and 8-stringed evil genius Josh Travis (The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza), Roush’s new group Glass Cloud showed promise from day one. With their debut single “White Flag,” the band delivers exactly as we all hoped.

With SEA, Roush’s team of musicians expertly walked the tightrope of technical music while balancing with catchy qualities, a formula perfected with the first GC track. Travis’ riff opening the track is just great – quick and memorable, showing his chops while being tightly confined within the song’s structure. Roush’s melody is extremely well-constructed, channeling the energy from Travis into a catchy opening verse that swells all the way to the chorus. Opting to use screams as as an accent to the clean vocals was a smart move, a refreshing change from the always-expected clean/rough spotlight trades and further driving the the power. The verses are just fantastic, hitting every point on the checklist perfectly.

The chorus is a shorter one, clocking in at 20 seconds but still exploding as it should. You have to hand it to these guys – they knew there was no need for an overpowering chorus when their verses are awesome, with a short breakdown bringing you right back to that yummy Travis riff. By now, the question is raised how this track will translate live, with so many overlapping vocal sections, though it was never a problem in the past for Roush to figure out work-arounds that still satisfied audiences. My only issue with the song is that breakdown, though I understand its necessity – kids need a chance to beat the living hell out of eachother (Ed’s note: Our resident MEB Djexpert noted that the breakdown is awesome, though agreed that it didn’t flow perfectly between the two styles).

You always wonder if these bands that are announced long before releasing music will live up to expectations, and it’s great to see that Glass Cloud are as solid as many predicted. Their appeal will be spread between the Warped ‘tweens and tech fans, and their fan base should will rightfully grow as more music is released. “White Flag” is precisely what we wanted, and only serves to add steam to the Glass Cloud train. Watch for the digital single March 20 with another new track, via Equal Vision Records.

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