Mind Equals Blown

Mind Equals Blown


  • Snoop Dogg & Pharrell Duo-Album Coming Soon


    The Scoop: Pharrell will be entirely-producing Snoop Dogg’s new solo album. Can we get an amen? The Spin: “It’s a great record me and Pharrell did from top to bottom,” Snoop said. “It feels good and I’m happy to be back in the studio working with one of my favorite producers and homeboys.” Uncle Snoop went on to…

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  • Alt-J: This Is All Yours


    Everybody knows Dave Matthews Band, right? Well, everyone that reads music blogs, at least. Everybody also knows that everyone who knows Dave Matthews Band has an opinion on Dave Matthews Band. Maybe they’re too “jam band-y” for you. Or their songs don’t have enough meaning. Or it could be that they’re the best thing you’ve…

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  • With Futures, The World Is Predictably Unpredictable

    Jimmy Eat World - Futures Album Art

    Jimmy Eat World’s Futures has led me through several years of unpredictable outcomes. I first heard the album as a senior in high school, in the midst of an “emo” phase that ended up becoming a solidified part of me. Somebody was raving about the record on AbsolutePunk, and I had enough curiosity to check…

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  • Empires: Orphan

    Empires - promo

    I feel like I should apologize to those around me because of Orphan, the new album from Empires. For the past few weeks, my neighbors have been hearing me belt out its choruses in the shower. My co-workers have had to listen to me tap out its guitar riffs’ rhythms on my desk and hum…

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  • Ryan Adams: Ryan Adams

    Ryan Adams - Promo

    A few years ago, my friend saw Ryan Adams live and was absolutely blown away by how intense the experience was. Adams and his band had completely filled the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, New Jersey not only with people, but also and more importantly with a sound only Adams can achieve. Unfortunately, upon rushing…

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  • Lights: Little Machines

    Lights - Promo

    Canada has given us many things. Some of these things were terrible, like Nickelback or Justin Bieber, and some of these things were simply amazing, like Billy Talent or maple syrup. It is a country that is famously ripped by every American sitcom ever, probably because America knows that Canada is a better country than…

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  • Gabe Kubanda’s “Mother’s Son”

    Gabe Kubanda

    Buckley, WA native Gabe Kubanda (formerly of the band Letters Burning) has lived a pretty successful life. Not only has he jammed with rock-n-roll royalty on VH1 Classic’s Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp, but  he’s also performed on the stages of festivals like Summerfest, SXSW, and Van’s Warped Tour, and is the co-creator of the Epic Proportions Tour.  Now after the release of his debut…

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  • Show Review: Sara Bareilles + Ben Abraham – Sydney, Australia – September 21, 2014


    I’m still not entirely sure how I wound up going to a Sara Bareilles show, but it’s a bit late for questioning now. My beautiful fiancé and I went in to the city to eat at Grill’d (best burgers in the world), spend too much money at Kinokuniya (best book store in the world), eat…

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