Mind Equals Blown

Mind Equals Blown


  • Varsity: Lights EP


    The freedom and complexity of post-hardcore are what make it so special. Some bands are heavier, some are more melodic, and others enjoy instrumental chaos. Varsity are newbies to the genre, but their debut EP, Lights, doesn’t show it. Originating in Orlando, Florida, this powerful post-hardcore band takes the versatility of hardcore music and uses…

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  • MC Lars: Can’t Wait

    mc larss

    Laughter is the best medicine. In a world filled with social ills, MC Lars believes that comedy can be a bridge between awareness and understanding. He does not shy away from controversial topics, but rather meets them head on with a comedic element that allows us to laugh at ourselves, while taking stock of our…

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  • Cold War Kids: Hold My Home

    Cold War Kids promo

    Cold War Kids stands as a testament to the fact that you can produce the same uninspired sound on each album and not completely vanish into the annuals of history. Oh wait, Nickelback stands true to that but the difference between Cold War Kids and Nickelback is that people don’t utterly hate Cold War Kids.…

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  • Silent Planet: The New Sound of Faith


    Melodic metalcore band, Silent Planet, brings a refreshing change in heavy metal music. Hailing from all parts of the globe, Garrett Russell (vocals), Thomas Freckelton (bass/vocals), Igor Efimor (guitar), Spencer Keene (guitar), Mitchell Stark (guitar), and Alex Camarena (drums) incorporate symphonic elements with driving beats to form an innovative metal orchestra. Calm breaks provide dramatic…

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  • Synergy Live 2014 Line-Up

    Synergy Line-Up

    The Scoop: The line-up for Synergy Live 2014 has been announced. The Spin: In the past couple of weeks, Synergy has been teasing Cape Town music fans with the various artists scheduled to perform at the festival from 28 November to 30 November. It all begun with the announcement of UK indie rock stalwarts Bombay Bicycle Club and…

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  • Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts 2014/2015

    Jeremy Loops Live Promo

    The Scoop: The line-up for the 2014/2015 Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts have been announced. The Spin: The Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts are a staple feature of any self-respecting resident of Cape Town’s summer plans. They happen every Sunday during our picturesque summer season, and provide the most beautiful and relaxing way to end your weekend. Each the line-up is…

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  • Flux Pavilion: Freeway Remixes

    Flux Pavillion, Photographed by Tom Oldham, August 2013

    The makings of a good EDM EP depends on whether the EP makes you feel inclined to get up and dance. It is at this point where a few people may begin to argue with me and state that a good piece of EDM invokes some kind of elaborate emotional response and leads you to…

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  • Flyleaf @ District N9ne


    “Where in the hell is District N9ne?”, I thought as I ventured out to Philly. I literally thought that I had hit every venue that Philadelphia had in my gallivanting of the many shows I have attended – of course I was wrong. District N9ne is normally booked for electronic shows with other genres sprinkled…

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