Mind Equals Blown

Mind Equals Blown

  • Neon Trees: Pop Psychology


    Neon Trees has always had a special place inside my heart. They were one of the bands that caused me to fall in love with indie music. Their 2010 debut Habits burst into my life like a monkey out of a barrel. It provided the soundtrack to my shift from the brutal sounds of heavy…

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  • The Menzingers: Rented World


    Sometimes true bravery is being willing to admit the things that make you cringe. The pain of knowing and understanding yourself can be a messy business, but there is catharsis in self-expression even when it reflects badly on you. Other times, bravery is the awareness and admittance that life is not completely perceivable. By acknowledging…

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  • Happy Body Slow Brain release new live track “Emperor”

    Happy Body Slow Brain - Promo

    The Scoop:  Our good friends in Happy Body Slow Brain have released a new live track from their upcoming LIVE EP. Jump over to Under The Gun for the original post and make sure to catch Happy Body Slow Brain on tour with Gavin Castleton this May. The Spin:  The LIVE EP is due for release later this month.…

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  • Single Review: The Amity Affliction’s “Pittsburgh”

    The Amity Affliction - Promo

    For two weeks The Amity Affliction’s website domain name had been changed to lettheoceantakeme.com with a countdown and a short teaser video about what was presumed to be the band’s next record. This definitely excited the band’s fans as their last record Chasing Ghosts was released in 2012. Many had been awaiting the release of…

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  • MEB Exclusive Song Premiere: Corkscrew – “Tolerance”

    Corkscrew - Promo

    We are incredibly stoked to be teaming up with our good friends in Corkscrew to premiere their brand new single “Tolerance”. Featured on Nothing Special Records‘ upcoming 4-way split with They All Float, Distances, and Day In Day Out, the track shows the band at their highest, most progressed point in their short history together.…

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  • The Shackeltons: Records


    Post-punk has always been a genre shrouded in mystery and tends to stray into a raw version of atmospheric post-rock. I have never had much enjoyment from the post-punk genre as it tends to spawn bands that are more concerned with maintaining some “cool” hipster image instead of producing what should be an angsty version…

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  • Breathe Carolina: Savages

    Breathe Carolina - Promo

    With spring in full swing and classes winding down, people may find solitude in listening to something poppy and fun as summer gets more within reach. Electronic rock band Breathe Carolina’s new album Savages accomplishes this while giving listeners something to tap their foot to and sing along. The album opens with the strong track…

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  • The Hell Sign To Prosthetic Records, Take Label’s Co-Owner Hostage

    The Hell - Promo

    The Scoop: British metal outfit The Hell have revealed via a (humorous) hostage situation that they have officially signed to Prosthetic Records and will release their sophomore album in July. Check out the full announcement video from Prosthetic co-owner E.J. Johantgen, who was held against his will but is now hopefully recovering from the traumatic ordeal. The Spin:…

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