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Mind Equals Blown

  • MEB Ranks: Best Hidden Tracks

    MEB Ranks Best Hidden Tracks

    Back for another round – after adding several new staff members to Mind Equals Blown, I decided to bring a few of them in on the rank-action. The hiatus from this bit has proven to be beneficial in my eyes, piecing together different categories which are not only rank-able, but also intriguing (at least to me,…

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  • Megosh: Body Works EP

    Megosh - Promo

    After about a week and a half of wrapping my mind around this bit of artwork, it is apparent that words could never do Body Works a bit of justice. So what’s a writer to do? First off, a little “Get to know the artist.” Megosh are a progressive/post-hardcore quartet from Baltimore, Maryland. Guitarist/Lead Vocalist Josh Grosscup, at…

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  • Alesana: The Decade EP

    Alesana - Promo

    EPs have always been a bit of a tease, if we are being perfectly honest. Sure, some will claim that some of the best artistry and works have been formulated into a shortened collection of tunes – honestly, it is just a matter of opinion, folks. My opinion of an album (full or shortened - doesn’t…

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  • MEB Ranks: Favorite Musicians We’ve Met

    MEB Ranks Musicians We've Met

      This month, our staff decided to do something a little bit different with our ranks. The majority of us have met some influential musicians in our lives and we decided to share with you, our readers, who we found to be the most influential in our lifetime. These are the stories that bring us…

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  • Music / Marriage / Everything In Between

    Test 1

    What Are We Owed? Music, Relationships, And Why I Hate Mixing The Two Sometimes Bands Get Popular, But I Guess That’s Okay Too Before we embark on this extremely personal journey of mine, I wanted to speak credit for a moment. Fellow MEB Staff Writers Alexandra Brueckner and Stephen Young indirectly influenced the creation that…

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  • Jarrod’s Top In 2013

    10. The Civil Wars – The Civil Wars 9. Eminem – The Marshall Mathers LP2 8. Conditions – Full Of War 7. letlive. – The Blackest Beautiful 6. Protest The Hero – Volition 5. AFI – Burials After waiting more than four years, AFI finally put forth the newest addition to their impressive collection of…

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  • MEB Ranks: Best Concept Albums Of All-Time

    MEB Ranks Concept Albums

    Oh, well hello there. Long time, no see. Over the past few months, MEB has brought on several new and exciting writers, further diversifying the musical realm that we, as a staff, wish to warp into your beautiful minds. This month, our group has decided on bringing you some of the greatest concept albums to…

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  • AFI: Burials

    afi - promo

    Burials feels like a blended up mix of everything post-2000 AFI all bottled up into 13 tracks. In a nutshell, that statement sums up the general theme for this review. First, allow me to backtrack just a bit (considering my obsession with the film “Fight Club” it makes sense that I flashback in almost every…

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