Mind Equals Blown

Mind Equals Blown

  • 3 Of The Week: (4/9/14)

    3 Of The Week - 4-9-14

    Everyone has their “queen” in the music industry. That one female artist that blows the rest out of the water, whether their music is old or new. For me, no one compares to the emotion and fire that Amy Winehouse brought to her sound. Her notorious attitude created the iconic heart break in “Back To…

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  • 3 Of The Week: (4/1/14)

    3 Of The Week - 4-1-14

    When it comes to staying in shape, choice of music is at the top of my list to balancing concentration during a workout. If I don’t have a pair of ear buds, you surely won’t find me in the gym. Without the right lyrics, beats, and breakdowns a successful exercise session is nearly impossible for…

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  • 3 Of The Week: (3/25/14)

    3 Of The Week - 3-25-14

    Having lived in Massachusetts my whole life, I have found that one of the worst symptoms of New England winter is the feeling of restlessness that comes with being packed in by snow and cold. By the time January gives way to February and March, the confined feeling borders on cabin fever, and the need…

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  • 3 Of The Week: (3/18/14)

    3 Of The Week - 3-18-14

    Being the most popular bands in the metalcore scene right now, it was necessary for Bring Me The Horizon and Of Mice & Men to tour together. This dream became a reality when the American Dream Tour kicked off at the beginning of February. The rawness of Bring Me The Horizon’s emotional power and the…

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  • 3 Of The Week: (3/10/14)

    3 Of The Week - 3-13-14

    I’m finally caught up. As a self-pronounced music review junkie, the beginning of the year is the beginning of my binge season. With endless “Top Albums of 20-Whatever” lists to be had, my Needs A Listen playlist expands like my waistline did over the holidays. After a couple months of uncovering all I missed over…

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  • 3 Of The Week: (3/4/14)

    3 Of The Week - 3-4-14

    Greetings from sunny (and windy) South Africa. While I am writing this, I am listening to my biology teacher ramble on about the process of DNA replication. Something that I have heard about far too many times in the past week. During this rambling, I am also composing a list of decent South African bands.…

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  • 3 Of The Week: (2/24/14)

    3 Of The Week - 2-25-14

    I live in the “Windy City,” but lately it’s not the wind that’s swinging my moods. The extremely, unnecessary cold has me bundled up and miserable, so my musical preferences have also been miserable. I’ve chosen songs that really encourage my current mind state. These songs don’t apply exactly to a bitter mood, but their…

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  • 3 Of The Week: (2/18/14)

    3 Of The Week - 2-18-14

    I’m the type of person who gives a song about a minute before I decide whether I like it or not. If it takes too long to build up then I’d much rather pass. However, if a song has an excellent intro then I’m all for it. I’ve chosen some of my favorite songs based…

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