Mind Equals Blown

Mind Equals Blown

  • Nate Ruess @ Webster Hall


    Some artists may have cold feet when heading out on their own. It’s new territory. You have to forge a fine line to reliving the material that fans may recognize you for while introducing them into your new material. Will they be receptive to it? It’s a crap shoot honestly. Some artists roll snake eyes,…

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  • Free Press Summer Festival

    Major Lazer

    Are you still looking for a festival to spend your hard-earned dollars on for a unique experience? Nowadays, it’s getting tougher and tougher. The talent pool is getting shorter and the revolving lineups are more to akin to the tilt-o’-whirl at a kid’s amusement park. Not only do I look for a unique experience at…

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  • MEB Band Profile: Fidlar


    I had found out about Fidlar almost by accident. A friend of mine had suggested that I check out the skate-punk band from Los Angeles, California when they came into my neck of the woods. I’m always intrigued at the possibility of new music, so I took him up on it. The crazy thing was,…

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  • Walk Off The Earth @ Bowery Ballroom

    Walk Off The Earth-6

    “Oh oh oh/Sing it all away, sing it all away my darlings”. Watching Burlington, Ontario band, Walk Off The Earth wasn’t your conventional concert. I don’t even know if concert would be the right world. It felt more like a good hearted reunion with a lot of family friends who just happen to be in…

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  • Azealia Banks @ Irving Plaza

    azaelia banks

    Yes, we all know the controversy of Miss Azealia Banks, most specifically the twitter “beefs” resulting from the outspoken nature of one “Yung Rapunxel”. Where most young artists try to tread lightly in the beginning stages of their careers, Banks has lit a firestorm for being unapologetic about her fiery spirit. Nevertheless, it circles back…

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  • Kiesza @ Irving Plaza


    I’m sure everybody has heard “Take U There”, the infectious collaboration between Kiesza and Jack U. (Diplo & Skrillex). With the massive success of that single, people were able to actually find out Kiesza solo and how strong she is especially with her recently released album, Sound Of A Woman. Irving Plaza in New York…

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  • Full Circle Tour @ Best Buy Theater

    Of Mice & Men

    I’m actually going to deviate from the script a tad bit and tell you a story. We’ll get back to the conventional concert story-teller rhetoric in a minute. During the intermission before Of Mice & Men were due to play, I walked out and met a young fan who was sitting near the entrance by…

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  • The Maine @ Cannery Ballroom

    The Maine

    This past Tuesday, May 12th, The Maine played Nashville, TN with support from The Technicolors, Knuckle Puck, and Real Friends. This lineup had me a bit skeptical, featuring two pop punk bands which seem vastly different from both The Maine and The Technicolors. However, this lineup proved to flow very smoothly and ended up being…

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