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Mind Equals Blown

Best of Fall Tours 2012

Bands: Minus The Bear, Cursive, Capsian
Dates: 9/10-11/17

Why I’m Excited: Minus The Bear and Cursive touring together is a dream come true for longtime fans of indie rock. Both bands have been recording and touring consistently since the late ’90s/early 2000s and are known for their signature guitar playing and balance of catchy and poignant rock. Minus The Bear are fresh off the release of Infinity Overhead, a return to their guitar-driven jams after the synth-filled OMNI. After so many years on the scene they have many songs from over the years that fans would love to see. Cursive will most likely be playing songs from their 2012 album I Am Gemini. Since their reformation after a brief hiatus in the mid-2000s they have redefined their sound, adding vast textures and a complexity into their instrumentation unparalleled by most other bands. The first leg of the tour will feature Caspian, who are set to release their new album Waking Season. This should add a new layer to their already complex post-rock instrumentation. – Nick Moffitt

Bands: A$AP Rocky, Schoolboy Q, Danny Brown
Dates: 9/21 – 11/18

Why I’m Excited: This tour is my choice for favorite fall tour for one simple reason: it features all three rap artists who really helped me get into the genre this year. While I’m not too familiar with all of the A$AP Mob yet (though Lord$ Never Worry is a pretty hot listen), I’m incredibly excited to see the rest of the acts on the bill. Danny Brown quickly became my favorite rapper as I dove into his 2011 release XXX earlier this year and really haven’t looked back. His unorthodox style is incredibly unique and fascinating and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for his live show. Schoolboy Q is another rapper who has climbed to the upper level of my favorite rappers. I just can’t wait to chant “Hands on the wheel…uh uh, fuck that!” back at Q when he hits the Intersection in Grand Rapids on the 7th. Finally A$AP Rocky, who has gained quite a bit of notoriety this year, is the headliner and rightfully so. As his new album LongLiveA$AP is set to drop soon, I can’t wait to see what he brings to the table with his live performance. – Dylan Powell

Bands: The Early November/Cartel/Seahaven
Dates: 10/5-10/20

Why I’m Excited: I think my fascination with The Early November/Cartel tour lies in what this actually means. For TEN fans, any signs of a reunion meant big things and since the release of In Currents and their major tour last spring, only good things have happened. This tour stands as a reminder that TEN is in it for the long haul, giving us the satisfaction we crave. Not to mention that the support for this tour is odd and delightful. Cartel have spent some time off the radar, but this tour should attract their loyal fans and create a new wave of interested parties. Also, Seahaven should bring an intriguing perspective. Their hard-hitting sound gives this tour something extra, tying this motley crew together. I’m excited for the combination of familiarity and newness, not to mention the energy I know all the bands will bring. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. – Megan Ammer

Bands: Taking Back Sunday, Bayside (with Man Overboard, The Menzingers, Transit, and others)
Dates: 10/5-11/25

Why I’m Excited: There are few bands as influential to the scene as Taking Back Sunday, and so much of that began ten years ago with the release of Tell All Your Friends. After several lineup changes, the group that created the debut is back together, and this tour’s set to celebrate their roots and give fans a chance to hear a definitive album performed front-to-back. Joining them for the entire tour will be Bayside, who’ve been around just as long and continue to put on one of the best live shows around. On top of that, a handful of younger acts will rotate in for various legs of the tour, including Mansions, Man Overboard, Gabriel The Marine, The Menzingers, and Transit, who will be there for the stop I’m attending in Norfolk, VA this November. Taking Back Sunday, Bayside, and Transit. At this point, hearing the entirety of Tell All Your Friends is just icing on the cake. This is definitely something you can’t afford to miss this fall. Catch the bands across the United States throughout October and November. – Jacob Testa

Bands: Converge, Torche, Kvelertak
Dates: 10/12-11/12

Why I’m Excited: Although this may not be the most stacked of line-ups of the fall tour circuit (I’m looking at you Every Time I Die/The Chariot/letlive./Kills And Thrills tour), it may be the heaviest tour of the fall. Converge have been around for over 20 years, pumping out their own brand of bombastic and complex metalized hardcore. They are poised to release their eighth studio album in early October through Epitaph Records. Joining as support are sludge-metal gurus Torche, who combine a laid-back blues approach to their groovy jams while also incorporating a full and thoroughly heavy tone. Last up is arguably my favorite band on the entire tour, Norway’s own Kvelertak – regardless of their position as the openers. Kvelertak provide a chaotic blend of sludge, southern metal, black metal, classic rock and hardcore to create a behemoth of a sound. Although their lyrics are only in Norwegian, the music speaks for itself, providing an epic soundtrack that could only come from the tales of Norse mythology. The final kicker that makes this tour a real must see is the price point. Tickets for these shows, depending on where they’re playing, are hovering around the $16 mark, making it a cost-effective night of pure riffage. – Zac Lomas

Bands: Title Fight, Pianos Become The Teeth, Single Mothers
Dates: 10/26-11/30

Why I’m Excited: Title Fight have become notorious throughout the scene for having one of the craziest, most energetic live shows out there. The energy delivered by the band is amazing and the fan interaction is unparalleled. They also have a new album coming out, so it will be interesting to see how the new tracks translate live. Their main support will be from Pianos Become The Teeth, whose unique style of post hardcore with post rock influences should be welcomed by Title Fight fans. Their 2011 album The Lack Long After is one of the most emotional and heart-wrenching albums in recent memory, and seeing the band bring that intensity to a live show will certainly be something special. Also opening is Canadian hardcore band Single Mothers. Signed to Touche Amore vocalist Jeremy Bolm’s record label, Secret Voice, Single Mothers put their own thunderous spin on the hardcore genre. This should be a great introduction of this band to a larger audience. Overall, this should prove to be a marquee tour of the genre this season and should not be missed. – Nick Niedzielski

Bands: Yellowcard, The Wonder Years, We Are The In Crowd
Dates: 11/2-12/2

Why I’m Excited: This is my tour of the fall season for good reason. While offerings from Every Time I Die, The Early November and Such Gold are oh-so-tempting, I had to go with my gut on this one. Yellowcard, fresh off their 2012 Hopeless release Southern Air and a full stint on this summer’s Warped Tour, are set to bring the pop-punk thunder with some great new material as well as a bevy of hits to boot from albums like When You’re Through Thinking Say Yes, Lights & Sounds, and Ocean Avenue. They won’t be going alone though; they’re bringing the likes of Hopeless affiliates and soon-to-be pop-punk giants The Wonder Years and We Are The In Crowd with them to help draw the masses. With a bill this stellar, I must say it seems that every other tour is going to have to step up its game. – Landon Defever

Bands: New Found Glory, The Story So Far, Seahaven/Candy Hearts
Dates: 11/24 – 12/16

Why I’m Excited: There isn’t a bigger influence in the modern pop-punk scene than New Found Glory. Though the band’s self-titled album was an impressive whole, it was with their 2002 follow-up, Sticks And Stones, that New Found Glory’s name began being thrown around with the likes of Green Day and Blink-182. Even today, they are considered one of the top pop-punk acts of all-time. So when they announced that they would be going on a 10th anniversary tour of Sticks And Stones, I flipped out. The band will be performing their 2002 release from front to back with support from The Story So Far and Seahaven – two of the more prominent bands in the up-and-coming modern punk scene. Since many of the tracks off Sticks And Stones came to define pop-punk for years to come, it will be quite a nostalgic trip – especially considering that New Found Glory is absolutely killer live. – Tim Dodderidge

Bands: Every Time I Die, The Chariot, letlive., Kills And Thrills
Dates: 11/29-12/20

Why I’m Excited: As far as anything remotely considered heavy, the late-fall/early-winter run of Buffalo’s favorite party crew Every Time I Die might just take the cake. Bringing along live show mesmerizers in The Chariot, the continually buzzing letlive. and an under-the-radar but solid opener in Kills And Thrills, it’s safe to say that there are high expectations for this tour in terms of energy and crowd participation. While I can’t speak for every date on the tour, the particular date closest to me is at a venue that should not have a barricade to keep the mayhem of this show from causing a whirlwind of bodies going to and from the stage. There’s really only one thing to say about the stage-diving, moshing crowds this tour is sure to attract – my body is ready. – Jason Gardner

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