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Interview: Jon Mess of Dance Gavin Dance

After the breaking of the alleged Jonny Craig scandal involving the selling of MacBooks on Twitter, we at Mind Equals Blown tried to contact several people close to the man for a statement on the issue. Jon Mess of Dance Gavin Dance was kind enough to answer some of our questions on the situation, in a typical Jon Mess fashion.

Read on for his thoughts on how he feels about Jonny, and on how he thinks that the news will affect Dance Gavin Dance. 

MEB: A month ago you interviewed with AltPress and said “So we’re at the point where we’ll see how long we can do this without Jonny dying or whatever.” Is this the “whatever” point, or will the show go on?

Jon Mess: The show will go on, as things pan out we can make a more accurate assessment of how we as individuals and as a band feel, as well as the additional vague assertion that the future is indeed unforeseeable at this point.

MEB: In the same interview, you essentially said that despite Jonny’s antics, it’s part of his entertainment factor. Do you still feel that way?

Mess: Yeah, I would much rather align myself with a more duchampian dadaist philosophy revival, mixed with a post modern anti metanarrative school of thought and put a wet blanket on all these idealistic humanist fucks that are essentially just grasping for identity. Some people lack the capacity to ingest even a smudge of eastern thought, while modernists, indulgent and romanticizing continue to get off on existence.

MEB: When did you first become aware of the alleged scamming? Has anything like this happened in the past to your knowledge?

Mess: The only thing I have really reflected on is how exciting it is to know someone who now has 20+ memes. I’ve always loved a well done meme, and the combination of actually knowing the person is just satirical gold. Honestly, a comedic gem I will forever cherish.

MEB: Have you spoken to Jonny since the accusations? If so, did he speak of them?

Mess: Jonny and I talk through Skype with the sound turned off. We have both been learning sign language recently and “mac book” is a sign neither of us know.

MEB: Do you think the events that are unfolding are an accurate depiction of Jonny Craig as a human being?

Mess: There is no accurate depiction of Jonny Craig that could ever be conceived.

MEB: How does this affect the band? Have you discussed the situation with the other members yet?

Mess: Some kids told me they won’t buy the record, this is unfortunate for everyone involved with the band, besides the band.

MEB: Based on some of the article comments that we have received, are you worried about the potential negative backlash at shows?

Mess: If you attempt to beat up Jonny Craig at a show on our tour, I will be in a secure and hidden location filming with an HD camcorder and a boom mic. I have also always dreamed of having a highly successful YouTube video.

MEB: We’ve received several personal accounts detailing Jonny’s drug use. Stories of him bringing people into the studio to score pills, and other such things. Has this always been going on? How ridiculous has it gotten?

Mess: I’m not gonna start telling tales because I think the real question people need to be asking is, does Jonny Craig have enough ridiculous stories that can be compiled to fill an entire movie or documentary, and would I watch it? The answer is yes, and it will cost $19.95.

MEB: You (as well as most of the rest of the band) have clearly had a rough past with him. Why bring him back for another album? Did anyone expect it to be any different?

Mess: I like everything he did on the album, so mission successful.

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