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Mind Equals Blown

The Amity Affliction’s Drummer Ryan Burt Forced To Leave Warped Tour; Chad Hasty (Glass Cloud) To Replace

The Amity Affliction - Promo


The Scoop: Ryan Burt, drummer for metalcore outfit The Amity Affliction, severely damaged his cornea during the band’s set in Portland, Oregon and required immediate surgery. The band, however, will not be missing any dates as they are having Chad Hasty of fellow metalcore outfit Glass Cloud fill in for the time being. You can check out an official statement from the band below.

During our set at Warped Tour in Portland a few days ago, our drummer Ryan sustained an injury while performing. A piece of his drumstick chipped off going right into his cornea which caused a cut and required immediate eye surgery. We couldn’t make it to today’s Warped Tour set in San Diego however we’ll be back in Pomona. Our mate Chad from Glass Cloud will fill in behind the kit for the rest of the tour. We wish our brother a speedy recovery.


The Spin: Without a doubt an extremely painful experience, we here at MEB wish Ryan the quickest of recoveries and safest of futures both out on the road and on the stage.


The Question: Were you at the Portland, Oregon date of Warped Tour? If so, did you see TAA’s set? Did Ryan perform the whole time despite being injured? Let us know in the comments below!


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  • I was there. During the third song in the set he hit himself in the eye with his drumstick, and for about 30 seconds, with blood pouring into his vision he still played like a champ, then stopped drumming and said I can play anymore. Medical personal rushed into the stage and they had to end the set.


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