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Mind Equals Blown

Chunk! No Captian Chunk! - Promo Chunk! No Captian Chunk! - Something For Nothing

Chunk! No Captain Chunk! Something For Nothing

Pop-Punk/Metalcore | In Vogue Records

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Paris, France’s Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! (Unfortunately that is the name of the band) are relatively unknown, however, that is about to change. With a record deal with InVogue Records (they may not be the biggest label but it definitely gives them more promotion stateside) and a new album that has all the elements popular in today’s music, this band is ready to blow up.

The band’s debut album Something For Nothing is breakdown and synth-filled, but don’t let that turn you off from it. The band mixes A Day to Remember’s best moments and Four Year Strong’s catchier moments for one of the most entertaining albums of 2010. Unfortunately “entertaining” is as far as the album goes. The album starts off on a sour note with “Born For Adversity”, which is completely void of the popcore mix that made their ep so fun. Fortunately, things pick up from there. “In Friends We Trust”, while being cheesy at times, brings the album back to the band’s original sound.

Things get even better from there. Songs like “Postiv – O” and “Summer Heat” have moments of sheer pop brilliance, while interlude “Alex Kidd In Miracle World” proves that electronics can be used for good. The band continues to mix pop with metalcore effectively with “Sink or Swim” and “Xoxo”. Additionally, “Milf” and “Life” sound better than before with the new production value and “For All We Know” shows that although vocalist Bertrand Poncet has a pretty noticeable accent, his voice is far superior to most pop-punk vocalists.

However, the band’s downfall is brought upon by their tendency to sometimes go a little over the top with their songs. The chants (“Captain Blood”) and the breakdowns (“We Fell Fast”) are at times quite exaggerated and awkward. The lyrics also tend to be pretty mediocre and quite cheesy. The friendship theme is pushed too far in tracks like “In Friends We Trust” (“Hey dudes let’s get ready to/ Defend your mates in case they need you”). I understand the positivity of the message but it gets to the point where it’s a little too much.

Overall, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! has a made pretty enjoyable album that is perfect for fans of Four Year Strong and With the Punches. The band truly has a talent when it comes to writing pop-punk songs. Despite the weak lyrics and the band’s tendency to stray from their sound at times, they manage to be much better than most new bands in the popcore genre, and while the some songs are a little too much it’s still fun for the whole family! Well, that may be an exaggeration but it’s still highly recommended to fans of metalcore and pop-punk.

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