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Mind Equals Blown

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Every Time I Die New Junk Aesthetic

Metal | Epitaph Records

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Returning to thrash and rage through another record are groovy metalcore rockers Everytime I Die with New Junk Aesthetic. Fusing the heavy southern groove rock and melody of 2007’s The Big Dirty with the technical chaotic power of 2003’s Hot Damn!, New Junk Aesthetic brings you the best of both worlds in a whirlwind of heavy guitars and chaotic vocals. The¬†gentlemen of ETID have refined their sound perfectly for a trip through their best collection of songs thus far.

“We are the death of the party, we are the life of the funeral” screams frontman Keith Buckley, filled to the brim with passion in the opening track, “Roman Holiday”. Bringing fuzzed out feedback, a dissonant lead line and anger that overfills your cup, ETID start the album with high standards for the chaos they have planned for your ears. Followed by the urgency of a Dillinger song, “The Marvelous Slut” features none other than Greg Puciato himself lending his ferocity to the track to keep the tension and dissonance high.

The grimy southern charm returns in full force with some melody to meet it in the albums first single, “Wanderlust”. With crushing riffs throughout, Andy Williams and Jordan Buckley are beginning to be a more cohesive pair dominating the tracks with their powerful guitar licks. Focusing on the inevitability of certain things of life (“Can’t tell collapse that it needs to slow down, can’t tell death not to come around”) Keith sings “Morals are simply a matter of time” and goes on about the hardships of life and getting back to his home and that if during the journey “if my hands find themselves another body, well you can’t blame them for trying to keep warm”.

With the exception of only a select few tracks, the record is filled with sub-3 minute onslaughts of concentrated power. Showing their newly found cohesive nature, guitarists Williams and J. Buckley bring the technical prowess of “The Marvelous Slut” to “Who Invited The Russian Soldier?” which begs its origin from the Hot Damn! years and the chunky breakdowns in “For The Record” and “White Smoke” to showcase their progression in ability yet still maintain the aesthetic they are known for.

The album brings together their screaming desire for a fully realized identity. From birth to adolesence, Every Time I die have now become a full fledged adult with a sound as crisp as can be. With an aesthetic they have lived by for years, Every Time I Die have now have fully become the man-beast they have desired to be.

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