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Uh Huh Baby Yeah - Promo Uh Huh Baby Yeah - Trash Talk

Uh Huh Baby Yeah Trash Talk

Rock/Pop | Little Heart Records/Streaker Records

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Though I don’t typically cover bands like this, Uh Huh Baby Yeah produced quite a fun little release for me to review. The band, still practically unknown in their scene, is sure to grab people’s attention with Trash Talk, an EP to be released April 23rd. Their musical style draws strong influences from artists like Panic! At the Disco and manages to fuse post-hardcore elements with the catchiest pop-rock has to offer.

The EP starts off with one of its strongest tracks, “Dances With Wolves.” This song has a heavily funk-based beat and throws up flurries of ‘Yeah Ho’s and ‘Wah oh oh’s. It is obvious from the start of this track that the band’s strongest point is singer Kevin Fletcher, who not only has a tremendous range, but can tastefully mold his voice to fit the mood of each song. “Dances With Wolves” is a great representation of the rest of the EP, as most of the songs don’t stray too far from its style and formula.

However, the final track “Ocean of You” offers a much mellower and more sincere atmosphere. Though it’s nothing groundbreaking for its genre, it has emotion bursting at the seams, and Fletcher gets to show off his pipes more than at any other point in the record. “Ocean of You” and “Dances With Wolves” have more lasting value than what you’ll find in between them, but Trash Talk is still a fairly strong start for such a young band.

The amount of profanity and ‘wah oh’s in the EP can sometimes be overbearing, and unfortunately causes a fair majority of the lyrics to fall short of their potential. Uh Huh Baby Yeah has the musical talent and songwriting ability to really go places, but it often feels like they just don’t take themselves too seriously (perhaps changing their name would be a good place to start).

I’m generally not too big into this genre, but I am certain that I’ll still be listening to some of these songs years down the road. Parts of Trash Talk that may sometimes come off as cliché and predictable are quickly followed by creative guitar parts, which gives all of the songs a good sense of balance and mixture while still managing to be endlessly catchy. This band is not on a mission to redefine the genre, but they definitely managed to put their own spin on it and make it their own. I’m sure we will all be hearing about Uh Huh Baby Yeah much more as they continue to progress and mature.

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