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Breathe Carolina Savages - Single

Alternative | Fearless Records

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It’s definitely been awhile since Breathe Carolina released some utterly awesome tracks perfectly designed for huge raging parties. While they succeeded in keeping the fans at bay with their mixtape, it’s easy to want more. Finally, they’ve given us a look at what their new album Savages is going to be like, and it just so happens that its first single is the title track. Excitement clouds every aspect of this track and exciting it is.

“Savages” is fun, upbeat, seductive and ready to hit the clubs by storm. Its entrancing melody is equivalent to if The Ready Set and Cash Cash had a love child and the milkman was 2011’s Hell Is What You Make It. With each musical buildup to the chorus is a drop that leads to sped-up portions that make you want to start dancing on the bar. It has all the makings of a potential ECD-worthy hit and has the uncanny ability to get even the most boring of wallflowers on their feet to dance the night away.

The lyrics are a little mediocre at times but not so mediocre that you can’t take them seriously. The simplicity of the chorus is perfect for those moments of absolute drunkenness where you can just sing along at the top of your lungs and it’s completely acceptable. I mean, who wouldn’t want to belt out, “Wolves in our own skin/We’re savages/We act so primitive/We’re savages,” right? The relationship of the lyrics and the music gives off a “Who gives a fuck if we’re weird, let’s dance!” vibe to it that truly makes it one of those songs that you just can’t help but think about a person who would make this their theme song.

“Savages” embodies all that a party animal strives to be with its electrifying dance beats and entertaining lyrics. This track has the underlying message of “everyone has an odd side” that makes it more than just a pure pop song to get your groove on to, but a song that encourages you to embrace that wild and crazy side even if it’s just for one night. It’s youthful and intoxicating and is a good preview of what’s to come when Savages is finally released. It has that hit factor to be successful like “Blackout” was and can totally be incorporated into any supernatural drama or teen party flick.

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