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Volumes "Edge of the Earth"

Groove Metal | Mediaskare Records

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Not even two weeks after releasing “Affirmation of Ascension” to fans everywhere, Volumes has given us yet another song from their highly anticipated debut album Via, aptly named “Edge of the Earth.” If “Affirmation” left you a little underwhelmed (I personally found the song entertaining enough), “Edge of the Earth” should correct any previous doubts tugging away in the back of your mind.

The song starts off with a nice little calm spacey guitar before launching into the aggressiveness Volumes is known for. Like with their first single off the new album, the band implements clean vocals into the madness, and it makes for a very satisfying and complete listening experience. Expect breakdowns, only much more groove-oriented. The song’s heavy, but I found myself bobbing my head along, instead of full-out headbanging.

“Edge of the Earth” is exactly what I was hoping for: melodic, groove metal fused together nicely with soaring clean vocals. More than that, though, it’s one of Volumes’ strongest songs they’ve released so far. “Edge of the Earth” should please Volumes fans and prove to be an appropriate prelude to Via.

Listen to Volumes’ new song, “Edge of the Earth,” along with a little announcement to fans everywhere below.

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